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XP - lingo going around in circles!


Hi folks!
I was recently at a con where I was helped with generating a character and I played a few scenarios, some with the character, some with pregens but Im not not sure what level the character is at!
I keep getting confused between prestige or XP, and I keep reading things that say 1500 xp needed between level 1 and 2, which seems a huge amount when my instance sheets say I got 1-2 xp per scenario I played

By my math I have:
5 XP (3 on the character, 2 on pregens (we be goblins)
9 prestige
Can anyone help me become unscrambled! Im pretty sure I'm making this harder than it needs be but Im turned in circles at this stage.

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Your confusion comes from the fact that the normal rules and the Pathfinder Society Organized Play rules treat XP differently. In normal gameplay, you gain variable XP based on how the threat compares to your level, how big your party is, etc. But in organized play, where everything (party size, average party level, and so on) can vary so much from playthrough to playthrough of a given scenario, their XP system is vastly simpler - one XP per scenario, with three XP needed to level up. That way it's much easier to track.

Where XP is a measure of the competence your character gains at doing their thing, prestige (a Society-only system) is a way of tracking your favor with your boss, the Pathfinder Society. You can then spend that favor how you see fit according to the PP guidelines, on equipment like wands or services like resurrection.

Hope that clears things up a bit!

So my character from the Convention play is level 2..and a bit!

Thanks that has made things quiet a bit easier!

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