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Hey All!

A few questions here. Im playing for the first time the black fangs quest and have some questions not actually related to the quest.

1. If for example, instead of appearing immediately on the map, our group walked from sandpoint to the cave entrance, how can we measure how many hours/time passed during the walk.

2. After reading some information on spells, they say that to prepare them a wizard needs to sleep for 8 hours and then 1 addl hour to read the book or something like that. So, if I get back to town for example before ending the quest and want to prepare some spells I have to sleep for 8 hours and use 1 for the spells, how could I know if its morning or something like that, or just do all of that and return like a new day?

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The easy answer is that it's probably best not to let things like this get in the way—let the player's needs dictate the flow of time (within reason). For example, you might assume that the party can leave town in the morning, get to their destination (that day if it's nearby, or some days later if it's very far away) with time for a full adventuring day, and either leave in time to get back to town for an evening's rest, or spend the evening at their destination.

That said, the full Core Rulebook does have more information on these things. You can read about overland movement rates here.

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Handwave it. It adds little to the fun of the game.

1. Unless you are setting a time constraint on the party, or are tracking multiple events, time is largely something you can ignore. You can always just say walking to the cave entrance takes a couple hours, or it's a day's journey away. Unless you really want to build some tension, there is little value in describing the surroundings or a day long walk through the woods.

If you do have a day long walk and want to spice it up, you could include a random encounter along the way. This could be a combat, or it could be coming across something strange in the road. Maybe the party is ambushed by one of the Dragon's minions. The group could track it's foot prints back to the lair. Or perhaps they find a signs that the dragon had passed that way, and you could impress upon them coming across a grove of trees that have been scarred by acid, or broken by something very large; a dragon foot print here or there. It can certainly build the anticipation and give them hints as to what the might face.

2. When I GM, I usually assume the party rests for long enough to regain their spells and abilities. It's not a detail I worry about too much, because it really becomes tedious and involves a lot of book keeping. If they rest at night, they wake up in the morning, spells refreshed. If they chose to stay up later, then their rest might extend into the mid morning or afternoon. That is about as detailed as I get.

Keep it simple, keep it fun.

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