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How to in Hero Lab...?

Paizo Licensed Products General Discussion

Okay, for spiked shield, make a custom shield, add special ability Shield Spikes to it.

Now if I want to masterwork the spikes for +1 to attack with my shield bash, how do I do that? All I can see is to masterwork the shield (for -1 to AP.) This will especially apply to enchanting the shield for both armor and weapon bonuses.

I'm sure I'm not the only person to run into this, and I don't frequent the Hero Lab forum, so thought I'd ask here.

First you add the shield normally on the armor tab.
Then you go to the Weapon Tab and click the edit symbol on the shield that shows up there now.
Click Masterwork there too.


If your GM rules that you have to pay another 300 GP to make the shield masterwork for weapon use as well, you have to subtract that money manually from your cash.

Grand Lodge

You can do that through the armor tab as well.

Click on "New Magic, Custom or Masterwork Armor" in the armor tab.
Select "Custom/Magic Armor".
Click the drop down to choose the shield and then click the "add a new special ability" and find shield spikes.
Click "Set" to update to the correct price and then buy.

You won't have to manually deduct the gold this way.

Oh right, you can do it there too, still you have to check the Masterwork button manually in the weapons tab.

Making the shield masterwork still uses it as a normal weapon.

I have to honestly admit I don't know which is RAW, that you have to specifically make it masterwork for shield or weapon use, or if making it masterwork (+150 gp) makes it count as MW for both.

Grand Lodge

Sorry, I missed that part, the MWK for the shield also counts towards the shield spikes I believe. When I add MWK I get +1 to hit, so it looks like it's automatically included. I believe it counts for both.

Okay, hadn't checked it out to see if it added the proper to hit/dmg when just adding armor bonuses to the shield. Wanted to make sure all that stuff would be factored. Gold I can keep track of myself (yes, by RAW mwk and enhancement for armor and spikes are separate, 450gp to get mwk both, 3000gp for +1 enhancement to both, though they can be done separately/at different times.)

Rangerjeff, you don't need shield spikes to attack with the shield. You don't even need them to enchant the shield.

You enchant the shield itself, not the spikes on it. Sure spikes make it more powerful for a laughable amount of money, so really everyone uses them.

But you don't have to.

Some times I will have to custom add content into hero lab because of some 3.5 forgotten realms stuff does not exist.

Funny I had a shield dwarf with two weapon fighting one hand a Dwarven war axe and the other was a Large Mithril shield that the Dm allowed me to make into a light weapon for the sake of the 2 weapon fighting. I actauly had to add custom content into the Hero lab editor to do those things.
Good program but funner when you can actually add your own stuff to it.

in my game we use house rules for certain things like shields etc

we say that light shields give +2 ac not +1 is there a way to edit it in hero labs to be a +2 ?

You can't edit the base content. But, you can always make a new light shield with the editor and set the bonus to +2. You can even go so far as to have your new light shield "replace" the base one, but that means all light shields will provide a +2 AC and you'll never see the base light shield listed.

You can probably get the same result with an adjustment (not sure which, not in front of hero lab) to your shield AC. So, yes, you can do it, probably in more than one way.

Easiest way is probably just to give it a +1 enhancement bonus, which essentially is a +1 AC. (It makes the shield masterwork too though, so be careful there)

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