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Making Money in Pfsrd

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

So I was curious about whether or not anyone had come up with a rule friendly way to "create" valuables as a way to fast track their way to being rich in a scenario, or better yet being a more powerful gem caster. I know that spells are balanced so that you can't simply cast them and have anything of high value for basically free. I'm thinking about loopholes or scientific methods anyone has looked for. Possibly an easy way of finding crystaline outsiders for slaying = profit.

I have had two ideas and the first is a loophole in spell wording that a GM would likely rule-zero immediately. Create demi-plane has an option where the caster can create "a theme" for the plane but the limits aren't particularly limiting. It would be simple to propose using that feature for creating a stone pillar a mile high with diamonds set into its sides worth X amount of gold each and then use it as a over-powered spell power source for i don't know... permanancy to make the plane permanent. Then procede to make any other spells you want permanent or cast wish whenever you have spell slots open.

Anyway tell me your ideas and I'll mention my second idea. The only restriction I'll give is that it should be something not requiring the use of an artifact.

Well, I have used this in a few campaigns that we eventually became lords over a fiefdom in. 6 words... Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection.

Price 10,500 gp; Aura moderate divination; CL 9th; Weight 5 lbs.
This rod is valued by treasure hunters and miners alike, for it pulses and hums in the wielder's hand in the proximity of metal. As the wearer aims the rod, the pulsations grow more noticeable as it points to the largest mass of metal within 30 feet. However, the wielder can also concentrate on a specific metal or mineral. If the specific mineral is within 30 feet, the rod points to any places it is located, and the rod wielder knows the approximate quantity as well. If more than one deposit of the specified metal or mineral is within range, the rod points to the largest cache first. Each operation requires a full-round action.

specifically the way to get rich off of this item, is to concentrate on a high value mineral, find it, mine it up, and then sell it. easy money xD

I think Ultimate Campaign is planning on including this...

Until then just give them a chance to succeed on getting a lot of Wealth from some Craft, Perform, & Profession Checks.

Say a Natural 20 on a Roll gives you full GP & an additional Multiplier per 5 Points of the roll. So a 32 would be 32x6 GP. A Perform check would give Max GP of the DC & the modifier.

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