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Converting a Class From 3.5

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

So I've played 3.5 for years and have finally been enlightened into the higher plane that is Pathfinder. As have my fellow adventurers. So we're converting everything over mid game. This isn't too difficult a process, as the two systems are really quite similar. The ranger is still a ranger, and the cleric is still a cleric, etc. I, however, am having some trouble converting mine over. I play a Scout (Complete Adventurer), and one who has been built heavily around the Skirmish feature of the Scout, which is a very specific precision based damage and AC enhancing mechanic, that I don't want to lose.

While it is possible for me to just carry over the class into Pathfinder, I feel like I would be short-changing myself, as all the Pathfinder classes have more abilities than their 3.5 counter-parts. So playing a strict 3.5 class in Pathfinder would be nerfing myself. No one wants that.

I've looked through several archetypes and not found anything that really capitalizes on this skirmish mechanic the way my character does, and it's not something I'm really willing to leave behind. As I said, he's pretty well built entirely around it.

So this brings me to the thought of adding some abilities to the Scout class to make it more on par with Pathfinder classes. But the question is what? I was hoping you guys might have some insight/ideas on what to add to the Scout to make it able to stand with its Pathfinder brethren, or if anyone knows of a class/archetype that would fit this build that I missed. Thank for your time.

TL;DR Make a Scout from 3.5 in Pathfinder

Scout archetype for Rogue.

There is the scout built by tripod machine. The other classes in the book are pretty good too.

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Find the Conversion Forum here.

yes a scout rogue with Offensive Defense talent seems like the closest

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If you feel the scout rogue does not meet your needs, could you explain more about how you use your tactics that would make it infeasible?

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