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"Savage Species" Rulebook Conversion

What anime / comic / movie characters would you want to make and play as in Pathfinder

Game of Thrones Character Conversion: Khal Drogo!

Weapons of a Monster Hunter

Palladium setting using Pathfinder rules

Converting Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Quick-converting the League of Legends Champions

Lord of the Rings?

Wheel of Time Pathfinder Conversion

Nyambe Classes as Archetypes

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

WoW Favorites done Pathfinder Style

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

Running The Dragon's Demand in DragonLance

The Marvel Universe; Pathfinder Style

Purple and Steel Dragons

Favored Soul Conversion

Arcana Evolved Conversions - What Would You Like to See?

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

Turning Empyrean Angel into a Character Class

World of Warcraft Gets The Pathfinder Treatment

Mystra's Chosen Ones

Please help identify the classes for characters from Elder Scrolls Online trailers.

Greater doppelganger for Pathfinder

Believe in Santa Claus PFRPG stats!

Pathfinderized Dragonlance: Considerations?

The Unsullied

Unchained Android Monk - DBZ

Converting the 3.5 Marshal

Converting the Dvati race to Pathfinder

Libris Mortis Fan Conversions

Converting all 3.0 / 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons Spells?

2015 Dark Sun Conversion for Pathfinder

Dragonlance WoHS Question

Soooo....the DLCS....

Passing the old forward

Blades of Ochir Naal

3.5 Conversions

State The Cat with Hands!

Wanting to make Railgun out of a Kineticist or something, but...

Razzig Darkbrew / Goblin Alchemist-A reskin attempt of the Alchemist

Post-apocalypse fantasy

Dark Ranger (Warcraft 3 version)

re: re-creating basic D&D feel.

Monte Cook's Banewarrens Conversion

just wondering what you would do.

Lord Varys, A Song of Ice and Fire's Master of Whispers

Hilarous Builds

Converting a Headless Horsemen into a PC

Let's have some fun! PFS characters based on popular culture.

Dwarven Thane from Dragon Magazine

Pathfinder Jedi

Captain America Build

Dreamthief from Michael Moorcock

May The Force Be With You

Cypher System Set In The Inner Sea, Help Please.

Making Anime characters without homebrew

Pathfinder Without Magic

Shadowrun-to-Pathfinder conversion?

10 Japanese Monsters That Will Kill You

Saint Seiya's Mu of Aries

Oberyn Martell, The Red Viper of Dorne

The Warlock: A Conversion for Pathfinder

Slayers d20 Pathfinderized... do you wanna see it and how do I do that?

Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra conversion

Serpent's Skull 5E Conversion: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Anyone want to design oriental monsters

Whiterose's Curse of the Crimson Throne conversion (3.5 > Pathfinder)

Looking for a pathfinder or 3.5 conversion of Against the Giants.

Recreating the Witcher in Pathfinder

SCP's in pathfinder

The Tall Man & Phantasm Movies

Statting League of Legends champions


leverage characters in pathfinder

Converting 3.0 / 3.5 Undead to Pathfinder

OPEN PLAYTEST: Mastercraft Melee Weapons

Advice for adding some Harry Potter spells

Unchained Rogue Talents

The Underworld: Converting and running Ghostwalk in Pathfinder

WoW in Pathfinder, char sheets

Low Magic Redwall based Campaing?

The Cipher - A Pillars of Eternity Class Conversion

Green Lantern Ring

Making Zangief: A Modern Guide to (Bear) Wrestling

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor

Chaositech-How To convert?

How would you build a Jedi?

Master Arminas's Revised Warlock for the Pathfinder RPG (Finished)

I Know What Yoda Is!

Quick Factotum Conversion Question

Psychic's Handbook Update to Pathfinder?

Dath Vader in Pathfinder

Template "Fleshbound Vampire" (by Sean K. Reynolds)

Power of the Kings Pathfinder Class

StP Erudite Conversion (Advice Welcome)

The Butcher from Diablo I to Pathfinder

Wolverine help.

Need help picking which Golarion diety fits the FR version of Helm

Link from Four Swords?

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