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Fighting Invisible Creatures


Sovereign Court

I've noticed that as I gain levels there's more and more invisible creatures and less and less wizards to see them. My GM especially likes throwing them at us because we've got no one in our party that can cast see invisibility. I was wondering if there is a good strategy or item that would help us fight them. For example, our group of Paladin (Holy Tactician) 8, Barbarian (Armored Hulk) 9, Rogue (Investigator) 9, & Magus (Black Blade) 8 has no spells that can reveal an Invisible Stalker or even a Will-o'-Wisp. What should we do? What we've been doing so far is buying lots of splash weapons and Potions of Resist Energy, but that won't last for much longer. No one wants to change characters as we all put a lot of work and thought/flavor into these characters and the GM can't really do much as we're going through a haunted castle full of ghosts and whatnot.

Perhaps you can get your hands on some potions of see invisibility somewhere?

I've also read on a few threads that using a sack of flour could help reveal the whereabouts of your enemy.

Sovereign Court

See Invisibility has a range of personal so it cannot be made into a potion. Flour works but Invisible Stalkers are composed of gases so the flour would quickly settle to the floor.

get your group to save up 4,500 GP for a wand of Glitterdust. 50 uses, each able to get multiple foes.

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Your magus could also start preparing glitterdust if invisibility is so prevalent. It only costs 60 gp to scribe it into his spell book.

Sounds like you need yourselves a magic item. A spell-in-a-can, or just a wand, of faerie fire or glitterdust would probably work wonders for you. Otherwise, you CAN make perception checks to determine to location of an invisible creature, they are just very hard. If your rogue has good enough perception, he or she might be able to pull it off, and then the rest of your group would at least know what square to attack, even if they would still suffer a miss chance.

Shadow Lodge

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Sack of flour is a good cheap solution, though exactly how helpful it is depends on how the GM interprets it - you might be able to outline an enemy perfectly or just pinpoint its square. Stalkers aren't incorporeal so the flour should settle on them just fine, at least for the few rounds you need.

Or have your Magus learn Glitterdust.

Or give your rogue a wand of Faerie Fire and have him/her UMD it.

Or pick up a Lantern of Revealing, Hand of Glory, Mask of the Mantis, Dust of Appearance, or Salt Lamp.

Sovereign Court

Thanks, I think I'll go with the flour as this is a very low magic (for us at least) campaign so no wands or scribes for hundreds of miles, other than what we loot. As for why we didn't get glitterdust, I have no idea how we all forgot about it. Our Rogue being an Investigator is going for diplomacy not perception, in fact the Barbarian has the highest perception of +12. Thanks everybody, I'll see if the GM is okay with this.

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'Very low magic campaign' and 'a lot of our enemies are invisible''


tennengar wrote:

'Very low magic campaign' and 'a lot of our enemies are invisible''


how the hell do you get a low magic campaign loaded with invisible foes?

when i hear the damned words Low Magic. i assume the following

low amount of magical gear
heavily reduced amount of magical creatures (pretty much removing the whole bestiary)
Heavy gutting of spellcaster spell lists or the restriction of spellcasting classes.
mostly low magic opponents, in other words, 90% based upon 0HD humanoids (including limited selections from the advanced race guide) with class levels in classes not tailored to the frequent use of magic.

Sovereign Court

Low magic: no one to buy magic items from and no wizards to copy spells from. We still get to keep the items we loot, but they're aren't always what we want. For spells, we get whatever we normally would have gotten for our level plus a couple of captured scrolls. Our GM did give us 30 points, core races, some uncommon races, 2 traits, 1 extra upbringing feat, and any secondary casting class (Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Alchemist, etc.). As for non-magical creatures, we fought some at low levels but we're in a haunted castle so kinda hard to avoid magical monsters. So basically "Low Magic" only applies to us.

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Ultimate Equipment has powder for sale (1cp, .5 lb.):

Powdered chalk, flour, and similar materials are popular with adventurers for their utility in pinpointing invisible creatures. Throwing a bag of powder into a square is an attack against AC 5, and momentarily reveals whether an invisible creature is there. A much more effective method is to spread powder on a surface (which takes 1 full round) and look for footprints.

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