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Rules Questions

Liberty's Edge

My question goes out to you on the building of traps. The relevant data below is built using the guides of aps#Table-CR-Modifiers-for-Mechanical-Traps

I am playing a Cryptic (psionic character that is an additional source add-on for pathfinder game.)

The character has the ability to build traps and can deploy a trap as a standard action whose CR is = half char level

I am working on a character that would deploy turret like traps. Traps that are not hidden and would sit in plan sight and shoot. I understand that the trap would be magic in nature using the alarm spell like all other traps so it targets foe rather than friend.

Turret trap:CR2
Feature ************************CR Modifier
0 DC Perception ****************–1
Disable Device DC 15**** *******-1
Attack +10***********************0
Average Damage 20 (4d10)*********+2
Automatic Reset *****************+1
Proximity or visual trigger******+1

using this guide is this correct?

Liberty's Edge


The Exchange

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Ranged Attack traps typically deal damage based on what they're firing. if your psychic turret trap is firing arrows, you'd largely be restricted to 1d8 / 1d6. The table giving you the average way to calculate the CR of the trap is used to evaluate the trap once you've designed it. It'll still be subject to GM approval.

a proximity trigger is good for crypts/still areas for mechanical proximity triggers. Once you need to use it in combat, i think you'd have to go for a magical trigger. +1 for the alarm.

Type mechanical; Perception DC 25 (+1); Disable Device DC 25 (+1)
Trigger visual (arcane eye) (+1); Reset repair (+0)
Effect Atk +20 ranged (+2)(6d6) (+3); multiple targets (all targets in a 20-ft. line) (+3)

Based on the charts, its a CR 11 trap. but overall it is evaluated as a CR 9 trap.

the average damage of 4d10 is 22. but for a ranged attack to have 4d10 you'd be hurling boulders. The example "hail of arrows" trap is CR 9, and deals 6d8 to all creatures within a 20ft. line. If you take a look at that CR 9 trap, and note the difference in CR from taking it down from 25 Perception/Disable to 15 P/D, it becomes a CR 5 trap. Lower its attack bonus to +10 from +20 , and its a CR 3 trap similar to what you want. It deals an average damage of 27 giving it a +3, and effects multiple targets which is x2 to that. take away the multiple targets and you've got a CR 0 trap. Give it reset automatic and its up to CR 1. So the CR chart is not a golden rule, just a guide.

Turret Trap ( CR 3 )
Type magical (psychic); Perception DC 0; Disable Device DC 15
Trigger proximity (alarm); Reset automatic
Effect Atk +10 ranged (5d8); single target

it fires a hail of arrows at a single target, with the effect of having one attack roll at 5d8.

if you take it down to 3d8, it would probably be more on par with a CR 2 trap. A CR 3 trap that deals 5d8 or 6d8 ( or 4d10 ) , i'd never put in as a GM. even with the low perception/disable, because its tweaking numbers to fit a CR rather than designing a trap and giving it an appropriate CR.

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