Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees


Where were the songs? Sure, we got the dwarf songs in Bag End, but I really wanted to hear Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees. I understand that Wingnut wasn't making a live-action remake of the 1977 animated film, but, with the exception of "The Greatest Adventure," all of those songs were written by J.R.R. Tolkien and were in The Hobbit. Oh, well. I think that it would be a little difficult at this point to convince Peter Jackson and crew to rethink including those songs that I loved back in the day.

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Preaching to the choir, man, lots of goblin song fans here.

I just watched it this weekend, and that was my biggest complaint. I was waiting to hear that song, and to see how they did it, only to be disappointed.

I don't understand why there are so many "heroes" in this film, instead of a bunch of flawed, greedy, frightened, homesick, dwarves and halflings.

My problem wasn't with the song missing, Jackson has never struck me as a fan of Tolkien's songs. But I did want to see a goblin say the line. It seemed like it would have been a small concession to big fans without going overboard with the entire song. Sadly, Jackson disagreed. Or maybe he is just saving it for the extended versions.

I wanted a better version of the Goblintown song.

"Fifteen birds over a cliff"

I misssed the songs as well: the Elf song (teasing the dwarves), the Gobintown song, and of course, Fifteen Birds.

Still, it was a good movie.

I wasn't too disappointed about the missing elf song (I always found it cheesy, though the animated movie may have ruined it for me) but I was definitely missing 15 Birds.

That said, we did get a version of the Goblin Town song sung by the Goblin King (it was listed in the credits as "The Torture Song").

We did get both dwarf songs in Bag End, though, which was nice.

My problem with this is when they meet beorn gandalf won't make the remark "fifteen birds in five fir trees," when he gets cut of by beorn with my favoite lines of his. "good heavens! Don't pretend goblins can't count they can! Twelve isn't fifteen and they know it!"

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