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Thank you for your swift answer rynjin. I've looked through the archetype many times and despite its origins it looks well balanced.

Hello, I'm sorry for not checking to see if there are any other threads that handle this topic. To be honest I didn't quite know where to begin my search.

Lets get into the meat of it shall we, I am going to be playing a pathfinder game on roll 20 next week. I wanted to play a ranger that was unique and interesting, and my gm is allowing the use of third party materials. That is when I came across the archetype by rite publishing called the "pack hunter". I was pretty set on playing a shape shifter ranger but I saw this and was intrigued. However when I looked into it I realized it had a level 20 capstone ability, like many other archetypes that I wished to mix 'n' match. I was going to leave in disappointment when i noticed it had an asterisk next to the capstone ability. I scrolled down with a vengence to see what it meant and it said this,

"* = The ability this replaces counts as the unmodified original ability for the purpose of stacking with other archetypes"

Now I have to ask, does this mean that the pack hunter's capstone acts like the original ranger capstone for the purpose of trading it out for another ability that takes up that slot?

Would like to know the answer of this as well. When you brew a potion you also set the caster level of the potion at a maximum of your caster level. If you make a cure light wounds potion you are basically casting the spell into a liquid concoction that will hold the spell in stasis until drank. It would only make sense if you get 1 point of extra healing power your potions should be better than others.

Okay! Thank you sir! That makes more sense. Now where would this errata be located for my eyeballs to gaze upon.
Edit: as a side note how long does it take the Aberrant to alter his body from the average Joe into a machamp.

BB36 wrote:

Here's one for you sir: Rules Clarification on Astral Suit

Now the Aegis Aberrant gives up the Astral Suit but what about those powers, such as Invigorating Suit, Damage Reduction (when suit is manifested), Augment Suit, etc?

Would just manifesting the Aberrant Aegis ability "Transformed Body" be all that is needed for the Aberrant Aegis. IOW, is "Transformed Body" the Astral Suit substitute? If that is the case then when the standard Aegis powers says "when wearing his Astral Suit", "Transformed Body" counts as the per-requisite

I would like to know the answer on this or someone point me to the place where it has the answer. Also for cannibalize suit how would that work?

The d20pfsrd seems to make it feel like I go to bed with the strange mutations that I gave my self with this ability and I wake up with them. No where does it make it seem that I can reverse the changes unless I use the Reconfigure class feature.

"An aberrant learns to modify his own form, rather than covering himself in an ectoplasmic suit. The aberrant gains a +1 natural armor bonus to his AC. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th), the natural armor bonus increases by 1.

An aberrant can modify his form in a fashion similar to the aegis’s customization, but his options are more limited. He can choose customizations from the customization list below, as well as new customizations exclusive to the aberrant. Because the aberrant is modifying his own body, he can wear armor as normal.

The aberrant gains Hardened Strikes and Brawn as a free customization. At 2nd level, the aberrant gains Darkvision as a free customization. At 10th level, the aberrant gains Improved Damage Reduction as a free customization.

This ability replaces Astral Suit."

Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:
pensworth wrote:


Thank you that actually clarifies so much for me, but now I have a new question I promise to make it quick. Because a monks unarmed strikes count both as manufactured and natural do they count against the natural attack limits by level or are they made iterative like other manufactured weapons. If so do they cause the natural attacks to gain the -5 that they get when combined with weapon attacks? or because its both natural and manufactured it is outside of the limits for natural attacks and outside the manufactured weapon penalties.

I hate to derail everything with my questions but I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything that could clarify. For an already existing multiclass archetype, the aspect warrior's ability feral strike and the aspect ability.

"Feral Strike (Ex): At 1st level, an aspect warrior gains feral strike. This ability functions like the monk’s unarmed strike ability, except that it only applies to natural attacks. An aspect warrior’s initial damage is based on the type of natural attack he has, while the maximum number of natural attacks is determined by his level, as shown on Table: Aspect Warrior. At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, the damage from an aspect warrior’s natural attacks increase by one damage die. Feral strike does not function without his mystic eidolon being summoned."

Besides the increased damage from leveling, how does it work? To my understanding of the RAW as long as natural attacks are primary they use full base attack bonus, if not they use -5 until they naturally gain multiattack. So no need for the two weapon fighting unarmed monks simulate with flurry of blows.

For the aspect ability it is written "Aspect (Su): Starting at 1st level, an aspect warrior can divert 1 point from his eidolon’s evolution pool to add evolutions to himself. At 3rd level and every three levels thereafter, an aspect warrior can divert an additional point from his eidolon’s evolution pool, to a maximum of 7 points at 19th level. For each point diverted from the eidolon, the warrior gains 2 points to further his evolutions (as shown on Table: Aspect Warrior). He cannot select any evolution that the eidolon could not possess, and he must be able to meet the requirements as well. He cannot select the ability increase evolution through this ability. Any points spent in this way are taken from the eidolon’s evolution pool (reducing the total number available to the eidolon). The aspect warrior can change the evolutions he receives from these points any time he can change the eidolon’s evolutions."

I have 2 and 1/2 questions for this, question one, does the aspect warrior use the damage given on the natural weapons table for monsters or does he gain the listed damage under the evolutions? IE. slam is a 1d4 primary attack for a medium creature, but for the Eidolon it is listed as a 1d8.

Question two because the aspect warrior is gaining evolutions, does this mean he has to spend points on limbs for the natural attacks or does his normal limbs count for the qualifications? As the second part, if he naturally has natural attacks like claws from being a tiefling, do they qualify for, A. traded out for better natural attacks like the 1d8 slam or B. the increased damage evolution, or the second evolution for bite which increases str bonus to 1 1/2 times.

I too would like to know the answer to this, to me this feels as if it was being left to RAI but not specifically RAW.

My problem with this is when they meet beorn gandalf won't make the remark "fifteen birds in five fir trees," when he gets cut of by beorn with my favoite lines of his. "good heavens! Don't pretend goblins can't count they can! Twelve isn't fifteen and they know it!"

I know crits are a good thing but they happen so rarely that they are more of an afterthought in the games we run. I think that it still could be a minor simply because you have a chance to miss both. If it was eldritch chain from 3.5where the number of targets depends on your level I would have it a major. But it only hits two. If I wlked into a camp of bandits/goblins I could destroy the whole camp with one eldritch cone cause it can't miss it only halves damage with a reflex save.

All I'm saying is its not very impressive to my eyes. Especially when you only get two greater invocations if you stop at twenty.

I am completely sorry foralways being a burden but I have a question... again... but this time I am asking about the greater invocation mirror blast... I feel it is a bit under powered for a greater invocation. Hitting two poeple is ok but it is the same power of a minor invocation. A melee touch attack might not inflict a AoO but its still with a range of the normal eldritch blast so even if a ranged touch attack inflicts one that just means stay away from people. Mirror strike the spell does half damage to both but its a level one spell and eldritch blast gains levels with the warlock. All things point to that invocation should be a minor. But a minor with a level 8 requirement.

Varin Artusk Darkthane wrote:
@pensworth probably and because if it was like the spell with unlimited use he just flings 2ton rocks at people.

Throwing 2 ton rocks at people? How barbaric! Why would I throw rocks at people at hurt the rocks feelings when I could just throw the gnome at the enemy!

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Thank you for answering both my questions, I am very grateful!

But now I have another one...

back in your previous thread you said...

"Hmmm. A telekinesis effect? Doesn't duplicate his spell list and provides him with a little oomph and coolness factor, fitting in well with this levitation and flight. So . . .

Eldritch Hands (Sp): Starting at 6th level, a warlock can use telekinesis, as per the spell except as stated below, as a standard action once each round. The warlock is limited to a maximum weight of 15 lbs per warlock level, and the maximum number of objects he is able to simultaneously manipulate with the violent thrust aspect ability is equal to one-half his warlock class level, rounded down (to a maximum of 10). The warlock may only this ability at medium range (100 ft. + 10 ft./level) instead of the long range listed for the spell."

What I was wondering is, why does it change to only 10 pounds per level? Is it to prevent someone like me to levitate my party, (one by one of course) using telekinesis out of an area?

First off I love your warlock class, but i do have a few questions.

1) when you cast eldritch blast as a ranged touch attack do you still use the standard ranged touch attack roll(d20+BAB+dex mod) or would it change for any reason? not that it matters for my warlock because dex and cha are equal at 20 (yay for lucky high rolls and human)
2) as it hits something be it a tree, a person, or a gnome (garden variety) do you add your charisma modifier to the damage? I got really worried when you removed the eldritch intensity because it felt like his damage was finally reaching decent levels then it was nerfed again.

The Lucerne hammer may be good but its only good against armors, and only at 10 feet away because its a reach weapon, while on the other hand the Flambard gets a +2 against any thing and either it becomes a +4 or it adds an additional +4 (not completely sure, it wasn't specific) against wood. So you try to sunder my armor with your lucerne hammer and Ill move in closer so you cant hit me then Ill sunder the wooden haft on your hammer and you will be left with no weapon, then Ill start beating up on your armor.

The only down side is that its an exotic weapon and requires a feat to use it, but if you spend another feat on the bastard sword feat as well you can use it one handed!

Oh and Adamantine is really good!

Edit: The lucerne hammer only gets the +2 on medium and heavy armors.

Hey I was wondering since you use your INT mod for everything else as your warlock archetype, would you still use CHA for the bloodline/pact abilities or would you change that to INT.

I actually forgot to add the points to the character traits so here is the list.
paragon: 4int -2str -2dex -2con or 4cha -2str -2dex -2con (1rp)
natural armor: (2rp)
arcane focus: (1rp)
envoy: (1rp)
light bringer: (2rp)
low-light vision: (1rp)
prehensile tail: (2rp)

The thing I am having the most trouble with is the favored class options like every other race seems to have.

Wiggz wrote:
No need to even ask - many here willing to help.

Oh thanks! I usually don't like to ask for help, you know the saying "too many chefs ruin the soup" and all that, but I realized I needed some help.

Well anyway here it is, I counted the total rp points and it has 10.

The Adelind

This small reptilian race despises its distant relatives the kobolds for their primitive and cave dwelling habits. They were lucky enough to be blessed with high intelligence and an enthusiasm for learning. They quickly evolved past their cave dwelling brethren and took on to the surface world. Because most of their race once lived in a secluded mountainous valley they haven’t had as much time to mingle with the other races of the world and are often mistaken for large hairy kobolds. Over the years these reptilians grew a layer of thick wiry filaments that served like a fur coat helping regulate their body temperature. While it looks like hair it’s not it is actually a mutation in the scales where long strands of the scale grew up and out from the main body of the scale. Without all the time needed to sun themselves they began studying the world around them more and more until they became heavily magically inclined. They have spent so long in the sun that they lost their natural light sensitivity and their dark-vision, in addition they have also spent long times pouring over books using all forms of light magic and torches that they are immune to light based spells. They strove to improve their knowledge of the physical as well as the arcane. They revere science and magic instead of brute force or deistic fanaticism. They are one of the few races as a whole who do not revere any deity. These creatures make excellent arcane spell casters of all kinds but they are distasteful of being up-close and personal or borrowing power from an all-powerful being.

The scales and fur of these small reptilians are nearly random in color. They have been seen to have reds, browns, greens, yellows, blacks, whites and grays. Sometimes they are speckled with more than one color upon their hides. Their eyes have few variances, limited to browns and greens, although a blue or a red will appear it is uncommon or even rare.

The age of these reptilians has been extended by their extensive use of magic. Their ages are equal to that of a human. Refer to the human chart.

Base height and weight is equal for both genders
Base height 3ft - 4ft (2d6)
Base weight 30lbs - 48 (3d6)

+4int or +4cha (choose one) and -2str -2dex -2con
While these creatures may not be the most physically intimidating, graceful, or resilient humanoids, they are quick witted or highly book smart. They are able to use knowledge or excessive flare to get out of situations or sometimes into them. Melee or ranged combat they do not excel at, although they are bigger and slightly stronger than their kobold cousins.

Small creature: small races gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a -1 penalty on combat maneuver checks and their cmd, and a +4 size bonus on stealth checks. Small races have a space of 5 feet by 5 feet and a reach of five feet.

Base speed: 30ft

Languages: Common and adelind; members of their race with a high intelligence score can choose a number of the following laguages equal to their Int modifier, Kobold Goblin Dwarf Halfling Gnome dragonic.

Defensive racial traits
Their scales provide them a + 1 natural armor bonus.

Magic traits
Arcane focus: plus 2 racial bonus on concentration checks while casting defensively.

Envoy: creatures with higher than 11 intelligence can use the following spell-like abilities once per day; comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison and read magic.

Light bringer: creatures of this race are immune to light based blindness and dazzle effects, are treated as one level higher when casting light based spells or effects, including spell like or supernatural abilities. If they have an intelligence score over 10 they gain the following spell like ability. At will- Light

Sense traits
Low light vision: can see twice as far as a human in low light conditions.

Other traits
Prehensile tail: cannot use tail to hold a weapon but can retrieve items from its person as a swift action.

This race was intended to be versatile and allow for excellent spell casters because there are a few races with +4 str or dex, but none with +4 int or cha.

Sorry if it is a little long!

Hello I have been working on a home-brew race for quite some time now... and I'm having some minor trouble with it. I am wondering if I could post it here and ask for any points that need work.