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Product idea: A book of Golarion constructs and creations.


The Exchange

This may sound silly, but I think there is easly 64 pages of material out there for a book detailing the constructs of the Golarion world.

Including the Clockworks of Xin.

Androids wondering the Numerian wasteland.

The Golems of Riddleport and Geb.

Etc, etc.

There seems to be a large number of various different groups making and supporing them. I'd LOVE to see expanded rules and archtypes for Wizards/Sorcerers/Summoners that would allow for crafting specialites.

And...James it would be a nice way to sneak in the Alchemist "Homunculi" rules. Just saying.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

This sounds like a really neat product idea!

The Exchange

Hell, it's implied that there are planer realms of constructs and clockwork beings. What's invading Golarion in Tian Xia?

Sovereign Court Contributor

There's also the construct-centered armies of Jistka.

so like a revisited volume?

The Exchange

Perhaps. But it's a weird topic that would cover also elements of PC's and how they create or interact with constructs.

Sovereign Court Contributor

Androids, of course, could work as the PC angle for such a book (though they are humanoids with the "Constructed" trait).

Sixty four pages is not enough for such a great topic :(

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

+1 on something being published along these lines.

Maybe a Player Companion plus a Campaign Setting book? Accompanied by a Numeria AP with lots of juicy gazetteer/ecology articles and bestiaries chock-full of various construct-related goodness in the back of each issue?

The Exchange

There are just so many cool constructs running around Golarion.

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