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What is the Duration for this feat? It implies infinite based on "Intelligent undead can attempt a new saving throw each day" but it also says "As control undead" which has a duration of 1 minute. Secondly does this effect end if the cleric is incapacitated? or is death the only thing that stops this?

Also, more of advice: As a GM running an undead campaign, how do i stop this from being broken? Considering the cleric can steal half of the undead on the map and then use them as shields while the rest of the party casually cleans everything up. What can i do about this?

I think the duration is permanent; otherwise, how would there ever be a new day for the intelligent undead to attempt a new saving throw?

It does not require concentration to maintain, so I don't think it ends when the cleric is unconscious.

Use spells like unhallow or desecrate to buff saving throws. Also, an enemy necromancer capable of using control undead could counter the cleric. Also, Shadows are a type of undead that only do strength damage. This means that other undead cannot be harmed by them, which might be useful if the cleric keeps using command undead.

Also, if the undead have channel resistance, that adds to their will saves against the command undead feat:

SRD wrote:

Channel Resistance (Ex)

A creature with this special quality (usually an undead) is less easily affected by channeled negative or positive energy. The creature adds the listed bonus to saves made to resist the effects of channel energy, including effects that rely on the use of channel energy (such as the Command Undead feat).

Okay, thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I was running Rappan Athuk and since its supposed to be very difficult i didn't want my cleric player to just stomp all over it and activate all the traps by just running skeletons into them. (though they can be activated through life force... if it is placed in an undead zone)

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