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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

A great Kickstarter for PFS GMs and anyone who enjoys playing cards

Gamer Talk

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So in my home game, I am playing Way of the Wicked, which is an evil adventure path (of Paizo quality). The creators of WotW are doing a Kickstarter focusing on their Pathfinder monster art in the form of playing cards.

I plan on using them as props for games I am GMing and figured others may be interested in them as well. I'm getting enough decks that I may even give some out as con prizes, assuming it kicks off. Anyway, I'm plugging this out of pure selfishness :)

Creature Cards

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Those do look nice.

Hey, thanks for the plug, Todd!

If anyone has any questions about this kickstarter, I'm more than happy to answer them.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games
Check out our kickstarter! Creature Cards

Gary... loving Way of the Wicked so far. I'm playing a Sorcerer of Lust (a 3rd Party bloodline) with the Sin of Lust. (I don't know, for me sex and magic just seem to be so appropriate together. I think its the sense of empowerment that both provide). Anyway, its fairly enjoyable.

I also love the Creature Cards. They look awesome, and I will definitely buy a set when they come out. (Probably two, as my friends and I are Canasta lovers. Is there a way to make sets with two different backs, maybe one gray and one blue or something like that? If not, that's okay. I can always put a small pencil dot somewhere on the back of one deck, so we can separate them easily.)

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