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Why wourld a disguised forlarren spellcaster need a blacksmith

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

In a session of PMEM w/one of my players she went to connect w/her boyfriends after an adventure. On a whim I threw her a curve; 2 of her men have been taken out of town (one jailed, the other sent off into the wilderness) while the third, a blacksmith, has been "retained" by the creature.

What use would a forlarren have for a blacksmith? She's an arcane spellcaster, but other than that I don't really know what she's doing. I'm looking for suggestions as to what she might use this minion for.

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Quick brainstorming shows me a couple of possibilities:

First off, the blacksmith is to be engaged in constructing some sort of significant special component; anything from a very high-end summoning circle to special medallions which will carry some spell the forlarren has come up with, to a huge magical focus.

Secondly, the forlarren doesn't necessarily need to be keeping the blacksmith for his blacksmithing. She could be wanting him for companionship, or to exact vengeance on him, or as someone to experiment on.

On the first line, perhaps the forlarren wants a high-end summoning circle so that she can summon outsiders to help identify the fiend who fathered her... and eventually call that fiend, contain, and kill him. That's if you want a sympathetic character, of course.

Some sort of twisted spire of black iron could be the focus for some sort of ritual that would strike back at the fey "for casting her out", or just at the world in general.

Thanks for the assist PA. The 3 b/f's figure in like this:

South of town the wilderness is rugged hills dotted with sparse woods. Scattered in said wilderness I'd already established is an abandoned iron mine. One of the boys is a decent hunter that knows this area well; he's not just off getting himself killed but hunting for iron.

The blacksmith will be working on the McGuffin, preparing it for use in a terrible rite. The hunter b/f can also be gathering the materials needed for the event.

The imprisoned one is a bard that can bend wills w/his words. He has been placed in with a small handfull of debtors, thieves and roughians. These will be the unwitting sacrifices needed to fialize the spell. At the very least they can be more fodder for the forlarren to command or pervert.

Endgame: there is a lord's castle built on the edge of the Black Brume Hills, beneath which are a series of tunnels and cells used as the town's prison. One cell is always left vacant - an ancient holdover from a bygone era. If the rite is completed here she can not only destroy her underworldly father but inherit his power as her own. Of course you can't have an omelet without breaking a few eggs but she can weep for them once her rage is sated.

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