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Optimize me....


A Treesinger Druid. I like the concept, but would like to see a 20 level build for viability.


-Elf Race (if there's a legal way around this, I'm listening...)
-Assume 28 pt buy for ability scores
-Must have treant pet (no, I will not accept a substitute)


-I like the Mooncaller archetype, maybe weave that in

Play style:

-I would like to have every possible "sense" ability I can get (or gain it on my treant companion):

--Lowlight Vision
--Any others you can think of. Basically, if it exists in a 60-120ft range, I want to know it's there.

-I would like to maximize usefulness outside the "forest". If that means turning into a straight healer in the city, so be it.

-I would like to be able to shrink my treant companion to fit into any space that I can. He will do less damage in medium size. I know this, and I find it an acceptable limitation to his constant presence.

-I would like clever spell loadouts and item choices/materials fitting to a true "Treehugging Hippy".

-I am ok being a spell slinger, pet healer, or in-your-face combatant, but I have to know which works best for the build and why.


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