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Applying pregen chronicles

Roleplaying Guild General Discussion


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Just realized I have 4 7th level pregen chronicles to apply. Those all need to be applied at exactly 7th level, right? not at 7th or higher? So only 3 go to one character, and the other will have to wait until I get a 2nd character to 7th.

Just wanted to make sure.

Liberty's Edge *

Are they all different chronicles?


yeah, 4 different scenarios as a player. haven't GM'ed yet.

Liberty's Edge *****

No, you don't need to wait for another character to reach 7th.

Just start applying them when the character reaches 7th level, and apply all 4 in chronological order. It isn't a huge deal if the 4th one is when you are 8th level.


okay, thanks. So the character you want to apply the chronicles to needs to be at least the same level as the pregen, not exactly. Makes sense, sounds good.

Liberty's Edge *****

rangerjeff wrote:
okay, thanks. So the character you want to apply the chronicles to needs to be at least the same level as the pregen, not exactly. Makes sense, sounds good.

The rule is to keep players from playing a tier 7-11 scenario with a 7th level pregen, and then holding the chronicle for their character until they are 10th level. Or to play a 7th level pregen in a 3-7, and then apply the 6-7 loot to their 3rd level character.

I guess the only caveat would be if the level 7 pregen chronicle is for a tier 3-7, then you could not apply it to an 8th level character, as that character is out of tier for the 3-7.

But if you had played 12 tier 7-11 with a 7th level pregen, then you could apply the 7-8 subtier loot for all of them to the same character, in chronological order.

This is why it is important to know where the characters you are applying chronicles to, are at, so that the application is legal, and you aren’t applying 7-8 loot to a 10th level character.

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