Trying to make some new True Dragons.


I'm trying to develop five new chromatic dragons and five new metallic dragons (well, as NEW as I can MAKE THEM). Here is what I've got so far. Lemme know what ya'll think:

Dragon [Chromatic], Brown (Line of Fire): Feral dragons of sand and the desert who seek to destroy caravans, take their treasure, and feast upon any beasts of burden (or sentient beings) that accompany them.

Dragon [Chromatic], Grey (Line of Cold): Firm believers in their own sheer strength, these dragons dwell near frigid mountains or in frigid tundra and seek to kill and devour any they come across during their hunts.

Dragon [Chromatic], Orange (Line of Sonic): Dragons that often dwell in cities of humanoids, they believe in gaining power through subtly and corruption of others and can worm their way into the hearts of even the most steadfast society.

Dragon [Chromatic], Purple (Cone of Sonic): Dragons that often dwell in the mid to lower levels of the Darklands, these enigmatic beings value their privacy and do not tolerate intrusion into their maze-like lairs at all.

Dragon [Chromatic], Yellow (Cone of Electricity): Yellows dwell in jungles and despise everything and everyone other than other yellow dragons (they are completely untrustworthy and will inflict betrayal at the most opportune moment).

Dragon [Metallic], Adamantine (Cone of Sonic or Confusion Breath): Even more fascinated with humanoids that than the Silvers; they seek to promote the spark of virtue in metropolises often all too overrun with greed and corruption.

Dragon [Metallic], Cobalt (Line of Cold or Fear Breath): Believers in might makes right who dwell in the frozen north and protect good-aligned folk that dwell in the frostfell from harm and guide them down the path of righteousness.

Dragon [Metallic], Iron (Cone of Electricity or Stupefying Breath [Int dmg]): Hunters of monsters, avengers of wrongs, and assassins of villains, they fancy themselves the ultimate predators of all beings who forsake good in favor of vile evil.

Dragon [Metallic], Mithral Dragon (Line of Sonic or Will-Sapping Breath [Wis dmg]): Servants of the gods of virtue who either dwell near temples or hidden among the clergy and seek to guide the followers of righteousness down the right path.

Dragon [Metallic], Orium (Cone of Acid or Sickening Breath): Dwellers in jungles and ancient ruins, they seek to secure the future by protecting the past and often hold back ancient imprisoned evils from running amok in the world.

Hopefully I'll be able to stat them soon. ^_^

Sounds kinda like something I was talking about the other day.

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