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Rappan Athuk Subscription

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Publisher, Frog God Games

1 person marked this as a favorite.

RA subscription is being worked on--I drafted the first half of installment 1 this past weekend. Maps for 8 areas (1.33 years worth) have been drafted and sent to cartography, and I have outlined all 8 of those areas (levels really).

Packing slowed me down a bit--thanks for the patience--but I don't want you guys to get drivel; this stuff needed thinking through to make sure it flowed with the main book.


Go Bill! A regular RA fix is worth the wait :-)

Are there any updates on the RA subscription yet? Not that the players are ready for it yet but would always like to hear about progress if there is any.

Publisher, Frog God Games

Drafted the first 3 levels--currently tryinmg hard to finish the first--it involves little golden mushrooms!


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Do I understand this correctly?
Finishing this project involves little golden mushrooms?
Shall we prepare for a few surreal levels? The color blue attacking the PCs while the Dust and 2000 CP of treasure sing a Song of Ice and Fire?

brvheart wrote:
Are there any updates on the RA subscription yet? Not that the players are ready for it yet but would always like to hear about progress if there is any.

Bill is still working hard on it. We plan to have the first level available end of January

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