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Question on buying items

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Silver Crusade **

I'm looking for a clarification on something.

For example; I have 6 Fame. (allowing me to buy items of 500gp or less) I want to buy a Potion of Lesser Restoration (300gp). Can I buy it if I don't have one on a Chronicle Sheet?

If not; If I have a 2nd level potion on a Chronicle sheet, am I unable to buy it until I have at least 5 Fame?

Liberty's Edge *

From what I can tell it works like this.

You can buy stuff as long as:
It is from the "Always Available" List on page 24 of Rules for Organized play Free PDF.

It is on one of your Chronicle Sheets and you have the monies to do so.

If you have acquired enough fame to buy it.

So I think you got it on the money there.

Even if an Item exceeds your fame, as long as it's on a chronicle sheet, you can buy it.

And even if you don't have it on a chronicle sheet, as long as your fame is high enough you can buy it.

And you can always buy the stuff on page 24 (including normal wayfinders for 250gp)

Liberty's Edge *

That said - the above post is just to my understanding. I'm pretty much a noob around these parts.

Grand Lodge ** RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

If it's on the Always Available list, you can buy it. Period.
If it's on a Chronicle sheet, you can buy it. Period.
If you have sufficient Fame, you can buy it. Period.

Hope that helps. :)

Silver Crusade **

Yes, that helps!

For the aforementioned Potion of Lesser Restoration:

I have 6 fame and 300gp, I can buy it even if it's not on a Chronicle sheet.

Grand Lodge *****

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Tales Subscriber

The question what you can buy comes again and again. The principle is simple – but the multiple options how to buy something seem to trip people up until they fully understand it. The important part is – you can buy something if there is at least one legal option available to buy it.

You can buy an item if

You have enough Fame to buy it
It is on a chronicle sheet
It is an always available item
It is up to 750 gp and you spend 2 PP for it
It is up to 150 gp and you spend 1 PP for it

Now check you case
You have enough buy anything up to 500 gp
It isn’t on your chronicle sheets.
It is not an always available item
It is up to 750 gp
It is not up to 150 gp

So in your case you have 2 different legal options to buy the item – one of them not ideal as it would be sub-optimal. So the answer is yes as all you need is at least one legal option to buy an item.

As I said - it isn't difficult once you realize there is a simple checklist and it is an 'OR' between each of the options.

Liberty's Edge

Good thread, and yeah it does get a bit confusing.

Now can you buy items from the other PF books like Ultimate Magic, if you have the fame, but the item is NOT on your chronicle sheet??? or is that just for Core items?


Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

Dudeacles wrote:

Good thread, and yeah it does get a bit confusing.

Now can you buy items from the other PF books like Ultimate Magic, if you have the fame, but the item is NOT on your chronicle sheet??? or is that just for Core items?


As long as you have access to a legal copy of Ultimate Equipment, or the relevant source book, the item is legal for PFS, and you have enough Fame, you can buy it.

Source book is in case it is an item the GM is not familiar with, and he wants to double-check how it works, so that you have a good copy of the real rules information on the item.

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz

If the item is listed in the Additional Resources, and you're able to bring the relevant resource to the table, then you can buy it.

Dark Archive **

I apologize if this is covered repeatedly elsewhere. I understand what you can purchase, and how. My question is specifically about purchasing items from a Chronicle sheet. If I run a scenario at low tier, and later I am interested in getting a piece of gear from that Chronicle sheet, but that item is in the higher tier section, can I purchase it since it is on the sheet? Short version, are you limited to the tier you ran the scenario at?

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

If you're playing, and you play the low sub-tier, the high sub-tier gear should be crossed off and you don't have access to it. If you're playing and you play the high sub-tier, you get access to everything.

If you're GM'ing it doesn't matter what sub-tier the players are playing, it only matters what level the character is compared to the sub-tiers. If you apply it to a character that is in the low sub-tier you cross of the high sub-tier gear and you don't have access to it. If your character is between sub-tiers, you cross off the high sub-tier and you don't have access to it. If the character you apply it to is in the high sub-tier you have access to everything.

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