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After 5 years, two weddings, two graduations, one conversion, twenty-some characters and over a dozen (rotating) players. We finished Savage Tide. We rotate GMs/campaigns every adventure and I went through 8 of them. I convinced my group to play when the third issue of STAP came out. But we dinnae get started until the other campaign ended, around issue 9. Only two players from the original group were in the final battle. Only one of them played the whole way through (the other getting married moved away move back etc.)

Demogorgan was a bit of a let down, it came to a slug fest at the end. This is better than the save or die that had been happening for the previous few encounters. Tarrasque of the multi-planes? One shot. Orcus death giants? Two rounds. The sorcerer got recalled to Guam (family) and the rest of party had been really dependent on him. So the shapechanged druid, arcane archer, the assassin and the whirling dervish scout, just had to trade blows with the Prince of Demons.

about the final scene


Early in the fight the archer fell to the insanity gaze attack, bringing the numbers three (nulongo as a troglydyte ghast and both Demogorgans) to four (Gwynnevher lasted for two rounds more). G left and the party settled into a pattern of blow by blow. The druid (as a bone devil I think) tanked demogorgan holding him in a corner and hitting about 60% of the time. DG was only 30% successful on his full attacks, sending spells toward a different target with his other action. The blinking-ghost touch assassin took out N and was smart enough to close the door before one of the other 20 ghasts made his way in. Things started to fall apart when the phanaton scout stopped adjacent to DG (personally I think he wanted to be home early enough he could convince his wife to let him go to PFS later in the week :) . DG took the phanaton down in one round. With his attention less divided, the prince of demons started to eat through the party.

The archer finally got an ‘act normal’ and with his friendliness to DG (other gaze attack) he graciously put himself in a Ottiluke's sphere.
Two to two now. DG dispels shapechange & the druid goes down in a single round. Spring attack-sneak attacking blinking assassin left. DG Readied action for when he was is present, 50/50 chance to hit means SOMETHING will go through when you have 8 attacks a round. Fortunately the readied action did, full attack, full attack and the assassin drops.

The fight had been going on for close two 30 rounds by now, but in the last four the party lost a member each round.

I track fast healing and damage separately so I did the math. The party had DG down to 100 points or so. Any one of them could drop him on a max damage roll. We backed the game up five rounds, (through a force of his will the Prince of Demons can recreate the entire plan to fit his whimsy right). I gave DG a couple of his his heals and we started over.

The phanaton stayed out of range, DG had to split his attacks, and the dispel shapechange failed this time. The fight lasted another 5-6 rounds. Full attack on full attack on spring attack. The assassin had to step out for a round or two to heal. Considering any perfect storm attack could have ended DG. It turned out all right. After that many rounds -- and two RL game nights -- of d20’s missing/hitting we were all glad it ended.

Yeah, so many of them dumped charisma there was no way for them to claim the crown themselves.

Keelix the lonely (phanaton scout) lasted the longest, playing from level three to 22.
Teaglin (avanti cleric) was the longest living first character (even subtracting the time he moved out) playing from 1 to 3, and 7 to 18.
D'Nelo (human sorcerer) gets the points for most annyoing. maxed out caster level checks made save or die spells too much of the latter and not enough of the former. (I know, but upping critter's SR meant no one else could get near breaking through--I tried).
Minas (half-orc barbarian) gets the most damage dealt. Both in terms of his keen double falchion plus rage and power attack, and the frenzied berserker ability to fight well beyond the point when any muscle should have been connected to any bones and blood no longer had any veins to run through (300 damage and you only have 180 hp... wtf?.
TE gets the points for most characters. Something about his concepts precluded survival beyond the first encounter more often than not. (concentration to dim door out of the dragon turtles jaws... uh no points in concentration so i guess I uh provoke... :) Ironically one of them was named Phoenix Tavern.

More shout outs if later I can remember them all. :)

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Congratulations! Sounds like you had a fun time!

We have some way to go yet. We are at SOS now, but lately the pace has quickened for some reason, so I am busy preparing ITM. I am slowly nudging the chaotic PCs towards the throne. One of them, the gnome wizard, is actually interested.

Shadow Lodge

Congratulations!!! Looks like one blast of a campaign.

My group's still in limbo in Lightless Depths, we might get back to it one day if the Cavalier's player gets back stateside (he's been in Afghanistan, then Korea, then Afghanistan again, and now Germany on his army tour over the past ~5 years) and I can gather up enough interested players to resume where we left off. I still have all my notes even.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32

Congratulations! After almost five years of playing every two or three weeks for about 2 and a half hours... we have finished City of Broken Idols!

It's gotten so that a combat takes 2 or more sessions and we aren't NEAR the level you guys are at! Mucho complimentos for what sounds like a great and wild campaign :-D

Congratulations! Sounds like you had a blast.

Out of all of us here running ST (about 4 or 5 of us it seems), looks like my group is bringing up the rear, we're currently in Sea Wyverns Wake, my group continue to investigate Tamoachan tonight

I love that this campaign remains good all the way through, and that people are seeing it through to the end. Really looking forward to seeing where this takes us :)

It was fun, though I think I will avoid high level play from here on out. :)

I sped things up in three ways: end the game at a set hour, even mid-combat. Folks started preparing their actions ahead of their turn.
Removed one combat encounter from each adventure (based on what I thought we would have the least fun with.)
Let all paperwork happen out of game (mostly XP, leveling and purchases). We had too many hours just looking through books and comparing prices and merits of +2 versus +1 flaming.

I also added War of the Wielded (not to speed things up, but it just looked fun). which was set in Sasserine. When Teaglin's family moved back south, the story was he was chasing escaped weapons. Another player created an intelligent sword for a replacement character. It was a good adventure and a welcome addition to Sasserine. :)

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+1 on the congratulations front!

I'm probably the GM who's the furthest behind - insofar as we haven't even started yet. :)

But I am taking copious notes from everyone else's campaign stories and tips. When we finally start, it will probably be a Pathfinder game set in the Forgotten Realms (and with a few "pathfinderised" prestige classes from 3.5 FR sources).

Congratulations from a fellow Savage Tider DM!

My campaign: set in FR, for the first three episodes I kept the general plot but changed quite a lot of encounters/added side treks.

My group just entered Olangru's temple...
Since we play about once every two months (on average) (real life, other campaigns interfere) some of you will soon overtake my group, but I was planning to end the campaign after Tides of Dread or after some mash up of CoBI/LD anyway (some of my group are more casual gamers & I'm not that confident with high level play as well).

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Glad to hear you made it through! My groups still floating between Lightless Depths and City of Broken Idols in a Sasserine sidetrek. Look for them to finish in 2020.

GRATS! My group just hit Scuttlecove and are loving the flavor of that place!

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