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A question of style

GM Discussion

Silver Crusade

Hey do you guys ever the read the introduction to you Players? Not the Summary but just the intro?


Depends, some adventures state that an NPC knows the intro information and will share. Although I'll generally paraphrase rather than read.

The Exchange ***** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Generally speaking, no, but I try to find all sorts of ways to get that information to the players during the adventure.

A Season 1 adventure:
"Due to my work these last months and the sacrifice of three of my worthiest followers, this temple has become a portal to Malebolge, the sixth layer of Hell and Moloch’s domain, once again! Fire elementals and devils have already set footfall upon the temple grounds. Though Moloch's cult is not yet anywhere as powerful as in ages past, it is an ember blossoming into a flame that will set all Qadira ablaze."

Dark Archive *

Often stuff in the introduction can include spoilers. Also it can end up giving the players information they can get later through checks anyways. Sometimes it's good to let them in on some of it. So in the end it's a case by case thing in my opinion. Use your discretion.

Grand Lodge *****

The intro almost always has spoilers, so I never read it to players before game. I tend to sue it to inform and supplement the Knowledge rolls and V-C's answers to questions, and I try to use it if the PCs take a prisoner. It is usually great stuff, but the trick is to find a way to bring the info ut without giving away things in advance.

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