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KC Game Fair

Local Play

Grand Lodge *****

Kansas City is excited to announce a huge Pathfinder Society presence at KC Game Fair. KC Game Fair is held at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Kansas City Missouri and will offer tons of scenarios for play.

Warhorn to see event lisitings:

KC Game Fair is November 15th - 18th with around 26 tables of awesomeness.
Contact is Seth Brummond ( for anything Pathfinder related.
I am still looking for GMs! Pre-register now and sign up to GM for deep discounts!


Registration on the warhorn page is currently disabled. If that were to change there might just be another GM signed up for Race for the Runecarved Key.

The Exchange ***** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Or two, even.

Grand Lodge *****

The Warhorn is used for people to view event listings:
If you want to play go to the KC Game Fair website. All of the events are listed there.

If you want to GM;
Go to Warhorn and view the events.
Send me an e-mail ( with what you want to GM. I submit the event to the con organizer so when you register it's cheaper!
Warhorn is updated with GMs as soon as I get them e-mails!
Priority seating is given to GMs on Warhorn. If you judge, let me know if you would like to be seated in a certain game.

Hope that helps clear some confusion!

Grand Lodge *****

Due to mass confusion, I've streamlined the process:

1) Sign up on Warhorn. I'm mainly looking for judges since you have to sign up to PLAY on the KC Game Fair website.

2) E-mail me which slots you are judging in case I'm blind.

3) Come to the Con and have fun!

4) Meet the VC from KC and confirm or deny the rumors.

The Exchange ****

thinking about this one... maybe...


What is there in the way of food in the vicinity of the convention?

I didn't see much on google maps and am wondering if it would be good to pack a few extra non-snack things, particularly for breakfast.



Yeah there isn't really anything in the near area to eat. You can go up north on 29 to Platte City where there are lots of options.

Or a better option might be to go south on 29 to 152. At this intersection there are lots of food options. This is probably where all the locals will go and if you are from the midwest the drive is what we are use too!

Hope this helps! If nothing else, let Seth or me help you out!

Grand Lodge *****

Mike Lindner wrote:

What is there in the way of food in the vicinity of the convention?

I didn't see much on google maps and am wondering if it would be good to pack a few extra non-snack things, particularly for breakfast.

Send me an e-mail and I can get you set up with where some good grub is.

Pack snacks if you like to nibble between sessions.

Grand Lodge *****

I am looking for judges for KC Game Fair! If you can judge, please send me an e-mail and register on Warhorn. (Links above)

I'm looking forward to seeing a huge turnout!

Grand Lodge *****

KC Game Fair is now! Looking for something fun and awesome to do this weekend? Come to the KC Game Fair! We are looking forward to seeing you here!

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