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It is assumed the boggards explain how to use it, but if you would like the characters to roll spellcraft checks, feel free!

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I want to extend congratulations to Mike McFarland as the VL of Kansas City MO! I'm excited to be the first to welcome Mike to the team of Venture-Officers. Mike has served in various roles behind the scenes and assisted within Society play.
Please help me in welcoming Mike to the VO team!

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Congratulations Lucas! It is a pleasure to see your enthusiasm for PFS, kids, and getting families involved in Pathfinder!

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Andrew Christian wrote:

Stuff to Nathan...

I'd also like to hear from some folks who got the puzzle correct.

How do you figure out that the order of the numbers must be in ascending order vs the order they appear in the phrases on the bars?

As a GM I wouldn't know what Iomedae lore To give them to lead them in that direction.

Interestingly, the example doesn't give the answers in ascending order. So does that mean that as long as you have the right numbers it doesn't matter the order?

Background; BS in Mathematics Education.

It's a pattern. Writing down what's going on helps. I suggest having handouts (I always make additional handouts of anything particular to give to players.)

Pattern again; I would suggest writing it down on another sheet of paper.

Read up on Iomedae lore? I had to because my fear is someone at the table knows more about her then I do.

I would recommend pulling all of the puzzle bits out and writing them on a separate sheet of paper for your reference. I only had difficulty with one part, but I eventually got it because I figured the rest of them were patterns.

I mentioned the puzzle to my fiance' and she was able to pick up on it (background in Science education). She is not as much of a puzzle fan as I am.

Hope that helps Andrew!

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Congratulations Scott! Looking forward to having you on the team!
And Mark, you're welcome anytime!

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Check it out! It's how we organize games and players.

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KC PFS is alive! is the link to our yahoo group.
Check it out!

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Looking for a PFS game in Lee's Summit Missouri? Look no further then Recruits gaming convention!
Hosted at a high school located off two major highways, the location for this convention couldn't be better!
Cheap! Only $5 for the weekend!!!

I'm looking for interested judges; e-mail me if you would like to GM an event.

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Greetings Pathfinders!
I'm looking for interested GMs to help make (Spring) Recruits a success! Recruits is just that, a recruiting convention! It is hosted at a high school and the primary audience is high school students, although many adults come out to play games as well.

If you are interested in GMing for one of the best conventions in Missouri, send me an e-mail.
If you have a specific scenario you would like to GM, I'm open to suggestions.

Recruits website:

I look forward to seeing you there!

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When are you going to open up registration for games? looks like it is only offering mail in registration. Will that change?

Any chance I can sign up to GM events soon or sooner?

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KC Game Fair is now! Looking for something fun and awesome to do this weekend? Come to the KC Game Fair! We are looking forward to seeing you here!

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I am looking for judges for KC Game Fair! If you can judge, please send me an e-mail and register on Warhorn. (Links above)

I'm looking forward to seeing a huge turnout!

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Mike Lindner wrote:

What is there in the way of food in the vicinity of the convention?

I didn't see much on google maps and am wondering if it would be good to pack a few extra non-snack things, particularly for breakfast.

Send me an e-mail and I can get you set up with where some good grub is.

Pack snacks if you like to nibble between sessions.

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Due to mass confusion, I've streamlined the process:

1) Sign up on Warhorn. I'm mainly looking for judges since you have to sign up to PLAY on the KC Game Fair website.

2) E-mail me which slots you are judging in case I'm blind.

3) Come to the Con and have fun!

4) Meet the VC from KC and confirm or deny the rumors.

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KC Game Fair is in November and is listed on Warhorn.

As well as on their internal website:

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The Warhorn is used for people to view event listings:
If you want to play go to the KC Game Fair website. All of the events are listed there.

If you want to GM;
Go to Warhorn and view the events.
Send me an e-mail ( with what you want to GM. I submit the event to the con organizer so when you register it's cheaper!
Warhorn is updated with GMs as soon as I get them e-mails!
Priority seating is given to GMs on Warhorn. If you judge, let me know if you would like to be seated in a certain game.

Hope that helps clear some confusion!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but are we looking to establish iconics for the GM side of the table?

If so, then we did a pretty banged up job.

According to season 4, most of the baddies are... a little bit of everything! I like that as a GM. Make me look up a new stat block with new rules. Do not give me the same monster that appeared two seasons ago.

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Looking to play Pathfinder Society in the Kansas City area? Join us at Pulp Fiction Comics and Games Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 11:00 PM!

Pulp Fiction is located at 1100 SE Blue Parkway Lee's Summit, MO 64063

Want to see a game listing? Join our yahoo group.

Want more information? E-mail Seth Brummond (KC VC) or Justin Crozier (KC VL)

Seth Brummond (
Justin Crozier (

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Kansas City is excited to announce a huge Pathfinder Society presence at KC Game Fair. KC Game Fair is held at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Kansas City Missouri and will offer tons of scenarios for play.

Warhorn to see event lisitings:

KC Game Fair is November 15th - 18th with around 26 tables of awesomeness.
Contact is Seth Brummond ( for anything Pathfinder related.
I am still looking for GMs! Pre-register now and sign up to GM for deep discounts!

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Any Venture-person would be more then happy to help direct you, but since you have two that have replied to your post already; e-mail one or both of us.

I've assisted with several conventions and if you are 5-6 months out then you are at the PRIME time to start prepping. The more work you do now, the easier it is come game day.

All of the venture-people e-mails are public, click on my name for more details.

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Ill_Made_Knight wrote:
VC of St. Louis, Brett Sweeney, killed 2 people last Tuesday, Dwarf Barb and a Half Orc Rogue.

GM's don't kill people; monsters kill PC's.

If Brett is killing people, I need to get the money he owes me quickly then.

The module is designed for a table of 6 (I believe it mentions this in the scenario introduction, but I have been known to be wrong.)

Also, the pregens are woefully adequate if played by individuals familiar with the game and stat blocks. I had the luxury of sitting next to a player who wasn't and realized that if I wasn't there providing some useful "attack with both weapons" advice, the game may have went differently.

I felt Chris didn't pull any punches, good game Mr. Mortika.

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Quincon 27 is the premier gaming event in Western Illinois. The location draws gamers from Illinois, Missouri, as well as the St. Louis region. Enjoy a healthy mix of role-playing, miniatures, and board games. Hosted by the Great River Gaming Guild (, a wonderful group, not only "great" in name, but also in character and kindness.

Location: Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center, 639 York, Quincy Illinois

$15 preregistration (until July 16, 2012), $20 at the door.

You may register and pay (through Paypal) on Warhorn site.
Or you can go to this site for registration
Once your registration is accepted you will be cleared to sign up for games.

Check in regularly as games are being added and planned mods are replacing placeholders.

GMs please contact Ray Davis to submit/edit games.
Pathfinder GMs please contact Seth Brummond if you are interested in running games! Due to the nature of this convention, multiple options for gaming present itself!
Check us out on FaceBook!

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Patrick Harris @ SD wrote:

I was reading the Guide to Absalom, and somewhere in the titles section, I started to wonder. Based on my primary character's history, it would make a lot of sense for him to be a Bronze Sword ... possibly even a Silver. I wouldn't be inclined to claim Gold Sword for quite a few levels yet, but eventually, that's where he'd wind up (assuming he survives, etc).

So, can I claim that honor and/or wear the pin? There's no mechanism for determining if it's fair, but it would be an interesting RP tidbit when I'm having dealings within Absalom. It's been indicated that anything which doesn't have a direct mechanical impact is fair game, but does that extend to stuff like this?

Similarly, could a cleric claim the title Ecclesial? I mean, a wizard could easily write any big magic school into his background, and in the long run, it's the same, right? There's specific requirements for any of these things, but they're not things that could be acquired during normal PFS play.

I guess any RP advantage to stuff like this is just a matter of rewarding people for doing their homework, but that's a good thing, right?

It sounds like you're adding to character background which is great and encouraged. If you are looking to earn a character title (say in PFS), then you can spend the prestige to earn the title. Usually the prestige is such you have to play at least 2-7 adventures and not spend your prestige on anything else.

I think this system is great since it follows the logic, you meet people, people notice your traits, then you are known as "Title".

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I play a level 8 alchemist in a home brew setting that barely deviates from the core PFS rules. (We level at a slower progression basically.)
How do I become a better party member? Or more importantly, how can I assist other party members? I don't want to take the spot light with my damage dealing, and I have.

How I try my best:

I have precise bombs, frost bombs, and fast bombs. I have the trait to get me a 5% reduction in brewing potions, but no party members have expressed an interest. Outside of combat, I am the knowledge guy and craft(Alchemy) guy.

In combat, I fly, hasted, and fast bombs until the enemies stop moving. I'm doing tons of damage and the party makes quick work of most encounters with three precise bombs per turn from the flying Alisto.

TL;DR: How do I stop taking the spotlight and become the guide on the side?

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Dinkster the Dinkmeister wrote:

As soon as the pathfinder intro boxed set comes out, I am going to show it to all of the 4th graders at the school I work at. I hope to start several little sessions for them so that they can pass to there friends.

Hell I will pass through the school district if I have to hahahah

+ 1 to Pathfinder

Progress Report ( I am sorry your son is not doing well in Algebra but is coming along fine as a Priest of Asmodeus!!! >:)

In regards to the whole thread, I embraced RPGs and card games because of a club started in Middle School. There wasn't any support at the high school, so it sort of fizzled out. I am a high school math teacher now and here's a few things I've noticed:

1. If you're going to start a club like this, get interest at the middle school level.
2. Get the support of other faculty members first, then move to administration.
3. Get parent involvement. This is key. My dad was thrilled that I was learning card games after school and before long joined me.
4. Get continued support/involvement at higher levels.

In regards to this post, I'd consider passing a student if they came up to me and said, "I've optimized this cleric for combat buffs and healing. I'm sorry I didn't get my homework done, would you accept this instead?"