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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Season 4, No 2 or 3 part Scenarios?

Roleplaying Guild General Discussion

Silver Crusade **


I was just looking at the new scenarios for season 4 and noticed that their wasn't any Multi-part adventure. I mean sure we have like 7 left that haven't been revealed but at least one of them should have been spoiled. Are they doing away with these?

Grand Lodge *****

Some of these may end up being 'spiritual sequels' to ones already released. For example, Voice in the Void and the Penumbral Accords arent direct sequels to Mists of Mwangi, but are considered sequels since they deal with the same place.

That is kind of interesting thoough. It might have something to do with how they are laying out the metaplot for this season, though I'm unsure about that.

Sczarni **** Venture-Lieutenant, Connecticut—Manchester aka Cpt_kirstov

these usually come mid season, allowing those coming to Gencon and Paizocon to sign up with only knowing the tiers and not be afraid to get part 2 without playing part 1. (note this isn't always the case, season 1 opened with the first two parts of the devil you know series). I think there have a be a few different things that fall into place for it to happen, so they happen when the moving parts fall into place.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Central & West aka Harley Quinn X

While probably not a museum quest, The Blakros Matrimony will probably be considered a sequel or something along the same story arc as the other Blakros scenarios.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

We're trying out something different this year, and currently have no multi-part scenarios slotted for release during Season 4. Check Monday's blog for more on what we have in store instead!

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