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Dungeons and dragons: book of vile darkness


Wasn't bad, the

vermin lord
(despite some of his corny and ridiculously cliched lines) was perhaps the life of the show for me though. It was certainly fun seeing stuff I recognized from the book, though since it's supposed to be closer to the 4e books, there may've been stuff I should've recognized, I'm really more familiar with the 3e BoVD.

Certainly leaps and bounds over the first two movies. I actually found the second movie to be far better than the first, and this one to be leagues ahead of both. I found myself wishing the movie was longer.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Pray tell how did you see this? DVD for sale, Netflix? I'm interested enough.

I saw the DVD, I should also mention it's NSFW.

I tried, but I turned it off after 15 minutes. I hasn't even the hilarity factor of the other D&D movies.

Well, it wasn't really SUPPOSE to be funny. It was based off of the Book of Vile Darkness afterall
To those that HAVE watched it, I've nearly identified all the monsters and such,

Thing that happens in the movie!:
but I can't ID the ghoulish girl monster before the Helmed Horror. What IS that?!

I think the one you couldn't ID is probably from the new 4e books, I remember reading on some blog about the creation of 4e BoVD that it had to be compliant with the movie (which I didn't think was a good idea to be honest)

Overall though, if you look at it as an amateur movie (if there's ever going to be an official DnD movie, it'll come from the guys who gave us the gamers), then it's actually quite good. Though sadly, as comical as this may sound, the guys who gave us dungeons and dragons are the last people who should be behind a DnD movie, especially since they gave the story writing of the first movie to a guy who admittedly (or at least I read somewhere that he wasn't a DnDer) knew barely anything about DnD.

But seriously, the vermin lord really stole the show for me.

Somehow they managed to make a movie worse than the first one.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

And I still have no idea how anyone is seeing this except if you live in England. Any idea how to burn my eyes out in the USA?

Through rituals dark and terrible, but not as terrible as this movie.


Good things
Vermin lord turning into a swarm of locusts.
Red Dragon fight
Potion of invisibility
Undead girl and Sword Wraith

Bad things
More trope filled than TV Tropes website
Magic Shop
Product Placement (Three Dragon Ante)
Goliath that looks like a Shada-kai and a Shada-kai that looks human

Liberty's Edge

Expecting no better than what's come before, I rather liked it.

...wait, this thing exists?

Since when?

Liberty's Edge

cmastah wrote:

especially since they gave the story writing of the first movie to a guy who admittedly (or at least I read somewhere that he wasn't a DnDer) knew barely anything about DnD.

What I heard about the first DnD movie was that that Courtney Solomon, the writer and director of the first movie walked into TSR office fresh out of film school and said "How much for the movie rights to Dungeons and Dragons?" This was back in the mid to late 90s when TSR and DnD were not doing too good due to both poor management and the CCG craze at the time. So the price was low and Solomon was able to buy the rights.

He wrote the first movie based on One of his old games He played in. The hero of the movie was his PC in that game. Also this was the guys very first movie right out of film school. You saw the results.

Shadow Lodge

Icyshadow wrote:

...wait, this thing exists?

Since when?

First saw the YouTube commercial for it... back before summer, late winter or early spring I think? Recently but not too recently. Might have been around longer than that though, I tend to be slow getting news of stuff. Still haven't seen it.

Wiki says the official direct-to-DVD release was August 9 in the UK. No mention of release in other countries.

GamerDarius wrote:
Well, it wasn't really SUPPOSED to be funny.

I know. But the other 3 movies weren't supposed to be funny as well, and they were.

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