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Spontaneous Casting?


Question 1: Is there any way to get a spontaneous casting magus instead of the spellbook version? Don't suggest sorc into EK because I looked at that and it's just a bad option.

Another Question: Is there any way to get an Int based spontaneous arcane caster? Ideally a Sorc although others might be intriguing as well.

I don't think there's a spontaneous Magus, but Sorcerer with the Sage bloodline is an Int-based spontaneous arcane caster. Spellbinder Wizards are also Int-based arcane casters and are semi-spontaneous.

I would just use the bards spell progression, spells per day, and spells known. you wont be able to use certain magus arcanas with it such as spell recall (unless you houserule it that you just dont use the spell slot) and some of the other arcanas that deal with the spell book.

most things can be houseruled if your group allows that, which this whole idea is homebrew but i dont see a problem. if youre allowed to use the bards spel progression and such, tailoring some of the arcanas shouldnt be a big deal.

Yeah I considered that and my DM tends to be pretty generous on this kind of stuff but I figured if there was some Archetype, in a splat book or something that I don't have, it would take some work off of his shoulders.

Anyways thanks for the input guys I appreciate it.

Actually, you're in luck. There is a third party published book by Super Genius Games, which does include a variation of the Magus as a spontaneous caster. The Archetype is called a Cabalist. I am currently playing one in the Skull & Shackles AP, and I am enjoying the archetype a lot. You can see the book (also as a PDF) here:

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