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Paizo Database?

Paizo General Discussion

I've seen references, mostly in other apps, that contribute their copyright to the pathfinder database. Are they simply likely referring to scraped content from the PRD or is there an actual database (csv, access or otherwise) that can actually be downloaded or accessed?

Liberty's Edge


ForgottenRider wrote:



Yes, that's the PRD.

Liberty's Edge

Mage Evolving wrote:
ForgottenRider wrote:



??? When I scroll my mouse over both it says they are the same web address but there is something wrong with my link

ForgottenRider wrote:

??? When I scroll my mouse over both it says they are the same web address but there is something wrong with my link

It's going to sound stupid but I changed your http to www

Liberty's Edge

lol thanks Mage Evolving

You forgot a colon in "http//."

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Not sure what you're referring to, but DM's Familiar has most of the Pathfinder PRD included in it's Foxpro database if that's of any help.

The app on my phone for spells, for instance, has a credit to the "Pathfinder Database." I'm just curious if such a database exists and if it's maintained by Paizo.

Paizo Employee Developer

Your app is likely trying to give proper credit as required by the Pathfinder Compatibility License or Community Use Policy, but isn't doing it right. Or the app's developer isn't familiar with the license and is just trying to give credit but doesn't realize he needs to do so in a specific way. The PRD is the only online copy of our rules maintained by Paizo.

Thanks Mark

The Exchange

There is a website called Pathfinder Database, so it is possible that they're using content that was posted on that website.

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