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Buying yourself an island in PFS

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Utrecht aka Valiant

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Allright, the time has come!

My dear chelish monk has come to a point she has the ability to buy an island (using the 30 prestiege/fame points).
From day 1 she wanted to start her own monastary/monk temple/herwayofbeingamonkincheliax.

Now I've spoken to some people in the past and they told me that if I'd think of a monk order to exist in Cheliax then that would be allright and it would just...exist.

Thing with Cheliax is that it isn't known for acually having any monks, since they are more about summoning stuff as a country.

So, my idea was to start one, using my freshly bought island as a base, placeing buildings like a temple, training grounds and guests quarters on it, including populating the island with crazy 'stormcourse/armystyle' jungle survival stuff in there to train other people in how to become a monk like she is. You know, like the island in 'Enter the Dragon' with Bruce Lee.

How do I go about this? Do you guys think it is all allowed? Am I restricted by anything?
Anyone already owning an island out there maybe able to inform me what the possabilities are? What did you do with your island?

Of course it would all be roleplaying fluff, but would it be allowed to fit it in the world?

Thanks for your input!

Shadow Lodge **

Its your island you can do what you want to. Either its not legally part of cheliax, or cheliax figures you can instil the law and discipline part into your monks now and they can corrupt them to evil latter, since monking (?) isn't inimical to chelaxian values: in fact the discipline fits right in.


There are two monk orders in Cheliax already. One is the Sisterhood of the Golden Eyrines, and the other is devouted to Iomedea and I forget the name, and they are great rivals. More information can be found in the Cheliax nation splatbook. There is an amazing feat for monks in that book too, that gives your unarmed attacks 1d4 bleed damage by copying the fighting styles of certain devils.

I like your idea with the island. Since you know that it would just be roleplaying fluff, I would say go for it. The island could easily be off the coast of Cheliax. Of course it would not be official cannon in the pathfinder world, but there's nothing in offical cannon that says that there couldn't be an island monestary off the coast of Cheliax.

Cheliax ****

I like the idea. If you're really concerned about Golarion canon, why not ask James Jacobs about it in the Ask James Jacobs thread?

Cheliax ****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Modules Subscriber

Heh. There's this great island that could use some discipline off the coast of Cheliax, too...


Grand Lodge ***

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I doubt it can be counted as anything remotely canon, but I love the concept. Tell everyone you know about it (and post details here) and maybe we'll see a number of new monks who can claim they received training at your island monastery.

Sancho Panza approves of this idea.


It's going to be a small island, so I doubt it would interfere with canon. There're lots of small islands that are unchartered.

Qadira ***

buy the Pirate Island flip map. Sketch on an overlay and build your monistary...

Andoran ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Minnesota—Anoka

As long as you realize it is never going to come into play, you can say whatever you want about your Island.

Just because you say there is an army of monks on your obstacle course island, and you happen to be in a scenario where you are out at sea (and using a PC ship to get to and about), does not mean you get to stop off at your island and let your army beat the badguy's who are chasing you or whatever.

But based on your post, I think you already know this.

Also, keep in mind, it is highly unlikely that your island will ever become part of a scenario or be written into Golarion cannon in any way, shape or form.

Its basically your own little fan fiction piece for you to have fun with as an in-character conversation piece or even out of character conversation piece.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

It'd be a great location for a home game that's played as an off-shoot of PFS though.


My Taldor-affiliated sorceress is looking forward to an island so she can start stealing things to decorate *her* residence and populate *her* private gallery :)


Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Melbourne aka KestlerGunner

It's not stealing if it's an imperialist tradition!
You are simply providing civil guidance on the unclaimed assets of a vassal. It's all rather proper. Very above board!

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