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Anyone else having the feeling of:

"Oh, so paizo decided that a Goblin should be an alchemist. So, everybody and their grandmother who plays a Goblin will roll an alchemist. I don't want that." ?

(insert every other iconic character in there for reference..)

And as such you are looking for anything -but- creating your own character that is a copy of an iconic?

Allright, I guess that's a bug in Herolab then :) Thanks for explaining!

What about shield proficiency? I can't find a reference to it, if it exists. Herolab online does tell me my character is Untrained in Towershields, though I can't find a way to get my character mechanically 'trained' for that. Any ideas?

Please point me towards an entry in the PFS rules that says something in the spirit of:

It's not allowed to have more then 1 'Companion Creature'.
Meaning: not allowed to have 3 animal companions and 4 familiars, gained from different sources.

Or....PF2 allows characters to have multiple animal companions/familiars?

Awesome. This I can work with.
Just for my info: there is no way to get Str bonus on bow damage, right? That's still 1st ed?

Hey all! I am trying to wrap my head around building an effective character. Do you know or have an example of a goblin champion of sarenrae with the following basic idea:

Wolf riding
Fire loving.

How would you build this up to lvl 7 or so to be effective? Is it even possible?

PossibleCabbage wrote:

If you want to pummel people into unconsciousness, so you can tie them up and have them stand trial or whatever, an avenger vigilante can do *very* well at this. Indeed the vigilante talent "take 'em alive" is so strong that it was banned in PFS because it's way too good for a single talent.

Stack lethal grace, fist of the avenger, and take 'em alive eventually culminating in mad rush and you can pummel pretty much anything into unconsciousness with your (possibly gauntleted) fists.

All very good ideas! Any additional ideas around capturing things like shadows and other incorporeals...and elementals?

How to capture those? And what to keep them in?

Sounds great! I'm just wondering how to capture (all) enemies, like the ones you can't grapple or are immune to non-lethal strikes. Plus, how to hold them.

Any advice there?

Hi guys! I am looking for a mechanical build of a character that is based around the idea of:

Being the best at capturing enemies, not harming/destroying them.

And I mean: capturing -everything-. Also having a way to hold/contain them.

Plus, if possible, I'd like to have ways to support and buff our party, while being able to nullify/dispell threats.

I already have a roleplaying idea around this character, I just need the mechanics to fit it.

Any idea how to pull that off? I'd love to run a character up to lvl 12 (society) without having to have to kill or destroy anything in it's career.

Dear all,

Any idea where I can find in depth information on what the acual Pact says? If the Stewards vow to make sure the Pact is uphold, where can I find what it acually says?

Also, I'm creating an adventurepath around The Stewards. Except for the Core Rulepook and Pact Worlds, any other sources that can tell me whats what about them?

Final question:
Anyone know how the race of the Daegox (prison planet people) acually look like?

Pathfinder's Numeria: A giant ship from the stars crashed on Golarion. There are multiple PFS Scenario's set there. My idea was claiming that my (specificly created for technomancy knowledge) character ventured in there and managed/needed to put her conciousness in an Android core. I retired her in such a scenario where that was done. (as in several PFS scenario's has happened to npc's), thenforth surviving as an Android.... and in Starfinder recreated as an Android. I just needed to know how 'old' the Starfinder Android would be on the character sheet.

I asked, because I had to know an indication of how old a character would be if it lived in Pathfinder and somehow survived to be played in Starfinder. I just needed an age indication :D

How much time was lost -during- the Gap, sure. But before the Gap all time is lost too? Geez. Allright. Thanks! :D

Anyone able to inform me how much ingame time has passed between the 'current' year in Pathfinder and Starfinder?

Starfinder timeline tells only the history after the Gap. (little more then 300 years of time)

But how many time has passed inbetween then and Pathfinders current year?

Ravingdork wrote:
Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
Assuming Starfinder hasn't changes things, you normally can't ready actions outside of combat. They're ready for combat, the door opens, they're in combat, they roll initiative.
Markov has the right of it.

The situation can be in combat already. Already stated people took a ready action, as such, they are already in combat.

In combat, a door is closed.

In combat, one person readies to shoot the guy on the other side.

His enemy had the same idea. While combat is still raging around them.

Then one other person opens the door.

So, I assume there are no rules as written for such a situation? (of course we can think of rules to solve it, but hey. Are there rules for this?)

Eh, well. Which is it? :)

2 combatants at either side of a closed door take a ready action to shoot the one behind the door as soon as the door opens.

The door opens.

Who gets to shoot first?

No, Han Solo is not one of them :)

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My personal ideas about this:

- Turn it around. What if they never implemented enviromental rules? Then your post would say: "Why doesn't Paizo include enviromental rules!? It's vital to the game! All different kind of planets and space occurences/gasses should be able to have hazard descriptions! Paizo is SO bad for leaving such a huge item in the universe out of their ruleset!"

- Also, not everybody and their grandmother wears armor all the time.
Example given, but not limited to: Slaves put to work in a camp, surrounded by hazardous gas. Easy for the enslavers to keep them in one spot.

As such in my eyes it's all good.
(please note, I am not in posession of the book, as such I am only able to talk about what you wrote.)

Ventnor wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:

You could probably still build it that way and then make some simple tweaks of lowering KAC/EAC, raising accuracy, etc and be in great shape.

Of course, my group was skeptical of the idea of building NPCs differently too, but I used the Starfinder system without telling them and they couldn't actually tell I did until I revealed it; the classed NPCs felt like PCs to them, down to the operative PC warning the rest of the party what to fear from a fellow operative and how to beat one and being correct.

"Ah, crap, looks like one of AbadarCorp's 'Debt Collectors.' Alright everyone, here's what to expect..."

EDIT: Note to self - make Priest Operative.

Oh no! Everybody run! I'ts AC/DC!

Any in-depth description about Abadar Corp already known or expected?
Or is one 'allowed' to think up how the organisation works in detail?

Golden advice, right there. Thanks!!

Now only to wait untill the game comes out, so I can get some material to write about :)

Hello all,

I am about to start writing a Starfinder adventure (maybe even a Module or Adventure Path!).

First I want to try my writing out at a home group, but with the Starfinder setting.

If the quality is deemed positive, I'd like to start writing adventures for Starfinder Society.

As such I'm looking for some information on 'how to write adventures'.
Specificly if there is some method or template to write adventures for Starfinder.

Any advice?

Dear optimisers and roleplayers.

What would you advice a group of 3 players when they decide to play the 'best' coöperating group of Halfling wolfriders?

Only requirements set in stone are:

PFS, Halfling, ride a wolf.

roysier wrote:

Run as written means what it says. If you make it harder and players die or use up unreasonable resources you have wronged them as a GM.

Also, if players find out you changed the module and they don't like the results they can appeal the module.

Crystal clear! :)

Spoiler warning!!!

PFS Gm's.

I know that any module is ment to be run as written.

As such I still would like to run a specific character in there a bit different, to make it more flavourable for my players.

Biyo, the cook is the players first and foremost informant on everything that's going on in the Harrowing realm.

What if I'd 'replace' or roleplay him as follows:

I find it hard to believe that the main villain, the blue patchwork dragon, doesn't know the players have arrived. After all, it's all he does the last centuries: luring people into his realm. He has the looking glass to watch what's going on when the players enter the realm.

As such, I'd like to run Biyo like he is an informant for both the players as the dragon himself as well.

The players would have to deal with Biyo to get information on the realm. In order to do this, they have to trade information about themselves as well. As such, the dragon would get to know the players very well, and would be very much prepared when he has to face them.

This makes certain encounters more challenging for my players (of which some are super powerfull), since the monsters come prepared for the players powers and weaknesses.

In my eyes it would also be more logical for the dragon to do this: He'll have a bigger fighting chance to take on the players then if they would just appear at his feet, catching him flat footed...

Would a certain idea be reasonable within pfs play?

(I am comparing this idea like the players ending up in 'The Enchanted forest', from the TV series 'Once Upon a Time'...and will roleplay Biyo a bit like Rumplestiltskin...they have to make deals with him.)

Did I read it correct: In order to use Telekinetic Blast from the Kineticist class in occult adventures:

I need to pick up Throw Anything?
(unless you use the blast the other way and substitute con for str to do the damage?)

Use Beast Shape III on your Goat familiar and make it go into combat after you cast Animal Growth on it: Gargantuan animal ftw!

Get a Drain Spider and have it deliver a Quickened, Empowered, Maximised, Intensified Snow Ball spell with it's +15 to ranged touch attacks, so you KNOW that snow ball is gonna hit... and then do it again as a standard action!!! (Staff of the Master is a -must- here though)
Have them hit for 90 frost a piece (and 2x a fort save or be staggered)

Unless it crits! then max damage is 180 per snow ball :)

Crazy max damage in 1 round: 360 (if both crit)

just 2 cheezy ideas :)

How many d20s does one have to throw when you save vs a metamagic persistant spell, while also affected by the spell Ill omen and the witch hex Misfortune?

Woran wrote:
The Fourth Horseman wrote:

Nuh-uh. My VC can beat up your VCs. He's a pirate.

(Walter Sheppard, best as I can tell from his board posts, is pretty awesome).

We are Dutch. Your pirate threats dont scare us!

Indeed we are! My VC is better then yours. Also because he hasn't fired me...


I think...


And he can beat up yours! :)

wait....did you just call the Dutch people Nazi's? :)

Meh, just kidding. Aspis are what Pathfinders turn into when turning bad. Pathfinders rox! :)
They are the Dark side....
We of the Light are always in danger in falling to the dark side....

the build is with a Rapier and a Cestus, so casting with a hand free is no problem.

Hmn, nice suggestions. The Sacred Slayer will become a melee twf 'beast', especially when Bane kicks in and with the War domain.

It'll become more versatile with the chaos domain.

The nature's Fang druid build is nice too: it's more versatility. RP wise I'm trying to get my head around the 'Pirate Hunter' idea: how would that fit?

The Half Orc idea is fun too: Higher saves for lower AC trade off and single weapon fighting style.
I am favored to the TWF build, since it would be viable with the Double Bane option and the Sneak Attack later on.

3 swords wielding? Dunno why, but if you are looking for such a sort of build, check out the Juggler archetype of the Rogue...I'm not going for that though :)

The two weapon fighting road with rapier and cestus does sound very thematic! Especially with the sneak attack dice later on it will work. Thanks so much. I'll go that road, BadBird. :)

When it comes to domains/inquisitions: I like the War domain buff with community minded trait for sheer melee power....and I do need to 'win' from those darn pirates who need some sorting out :)

The Chaos: Protean one sounds very fun at lvl 8 and could really screw up the 'pirates luck' and defeat them that way.

Sanctified Slayer of Besmara it is. Now the question is: What would you build the character upon? Rapiers? Pistol? Combination? Spells?...what would thematicly fit -and- acually work? What domain / inquisition to pick?
It's PFS, so I sadly can't take black powder inquisition.

Awesome, thanks for that :)

Sounds thematicly and sweet!

Hmn...would a Rapier/Pistol wielder combination work? (like the Picaroon archetype of the swashbuckler?)

Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor: What kind of build do you suggest?


First priority: Make it awesomesweet flavor rp wise..

When found: Make it an effective Pirate Hunter :)

Hmn....missing out on the judgements doesn't make it less effective?

What would you make to use as a Pirate hunter?

Meaning: a character that chases and executes Pirates in the name of Besmara (pirates who've broken 'the pirate code')....with extreme prejudice :)

You know....the monster all pirates tell their children is comming for them....if they are not nice pirates.

What would that be?

Clear! Thanks!

Normally the weapon enchant Ghost touch works only on melee weapons.

A net is a ranged weapon.

The 'Net Adept' - feat makes you treat the net as a melee reach weapon.

Net Adept (Combat)
You have trained to use the net as a melee weapon.

Prerequisite: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (net), base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You can treat a net as a one-handed melee reach weapon with a 10-foot reach. Further, you take no penalty on melee attack rolls for using an unfolded net, and you can use one full-round action or two move actions to fold a net.

Normal: A net is a ranged weapon that imposes a –4 penalty on ranged attack rolls if it is unfolded. Folding a net takes a proficient user 2 rounds.

Would you then be allowed (PFS, rules as written!) to enchant the net with Ghost Touch...or not?


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Bruno, thanks! That clarifies a lot.

A Ghost Touch Net (as per the weapon) puts the 'entangle' condition on the Ghost...and then you would be able to drag it/have it captured, right? Since ghosts/incorporeal creatures have no real STR score to burst the net or resist being dragged?

Yeah, thats why I was wondering if we could somehow get an official ruling on this. Would be nice, eh?

I am building a new character for PFS. Idea is that he is going to 'teach' the Pathfinders how -not- to be a murderhobo!

So he catches everything...and I mean -everything-.

Things I have figured out up to now:

1. He will have some animal (companion?) drag around a Huge Wagon with on that a Huge iron cage as a mobile prison. (the official 'mobile prison' is to vague in it's description to be of use)
This iron cage prison will later on be upgraded to a Huge Adamantine cage (dunno how much that'll cost me in PFS, but hey :). Wrapped around it will be a Net (as per the weapon) with the Ghost Touch ability, or more to cover the entire size.
This prison will be able to hold incorporeals like shadows and ghosts, ready for transport and will hold huge creatures too.

2. He will use a Mancatcher, Ghost Touch enchanted, to catch stuff to throw in his prison.

Now, with that: What class/build should I use?

- Nonlethal damage: He needs to do that...and do that good.

- Must be able to slap on Dimensional Shackles on a Glabrezu, or cast a very high DC/reroll Dimensional Anchor on it on higher levels, so he can capture them even! (I don't want the bugger to just teleport out of my grapple/tie up with ropes) - or otherwise capture it.

- Preferrable a 'Tanky' Baton and Shield build, since I'm emulating a Riot Police kinda guy. This is not a must.

- Spellcasting way to capture foes in that prison is fine too.

- Diplomacy (wanna convince people not to see killing as first option all the time), Sence Motive, Perception, Survival and Heal are preferrable skills to be good at.

What do you guys advice me to do? I'm soooo stuck! Thanks for helping me think about it.

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Hey guys, I'm designing a character that is focused around capturing everything alive.

I can't find a solid ruling in the rules section, nor anywhere else:

1. May I use a Mancatcher weapon, ghost touch enchanted to grapple a ghost?

2. May I use Dimensional Shackles (as per the magic item) and use them in a Combat Maneuver to Tie Up a teleporting demon, giving him the 'Helpless' - condition (thus capturing him, since appearantly the buggers can just teleport out of ropes and the like) or can this Tie Up combat maneuver be only done with a rope, giving him the helpless condition, but making it possible for him to just teleport out of them? detail: I'm bound by PFS Raw rules, so no homebrew. I like the idea of a does that work? Does that work at all? Ghost can't kill themselves? Nice..ok...

First I was thinking about capturing one in a Resillient sphere spell, but that just runs out of time....

I just got told that Dimensional Shackles would hold a teleporting creature.

So about ghosts/shadows and the like? Would that be allowed/work?

1: How does one imprison/capture a ghost (or the like creatures, like shadows) and transport them?

2: If a creature is bound: when he uses a Supernatural ability to teleport: does he stay bound, or does he teleport out of his binds?

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Darn mobile phone keyboards....

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