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Help with S&S character concept.

Skull & Shackles

So started playing in this campaign two weeks ago (two gaming sessions basically) and everyone kind of made of characters on the fly and ran with it.

We have a Kitsune Rogue
Human Alchemist (Grenadier archtype I think)
Human Fighter
Dwarf Barbarian

and my character a Catfolk Orcale of the Waves

Here is her stats as of lvl 1:


AC:15 (Silken Ceremonial Armor, Buckler)
touch:12 flat:13


She has 2 daggers, a hanbo (her cane),

Monk's Outfit
Wooden Holy Symbol
Flint & Steel
Weapon Cord
Wrist Sheath

Weapon Finesse (Just cause I figured the closeness of pirate ships means hand to hand is bound to occur.)

SA and Racial Stuff:
Cat's Luck
Clever Cat
Low light vision

Mystery related:
Wintry Touch


DM let everyone pick two traits
Arcane Talent: Ray of Frost

Create Water
Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Ghost Sound

Cure L. Wounds
Summon Monster 1

Diplomacy: +10
Heal: +5
Sense Motive: +2
Swim: +5


Now that that's settled her primary purpose is 'probably' going to be healing. But I love Wintry Touch and my one shot of Ray of Frost. And I'm liking the idea of her being nice and happy, but when made mad or pushed to far, having no problems turning people into ice cubes. Now Oracle seems all well and good for healing but waves mystery aside, not much 'ice' damage potential. So I'm thinking about multiclassing into an arcane caster. And with Cha being the high stat, going Sorceror or Bard.

The goal being to stay in the spirit of the pirate adventure, and the fluff of her having an affinity with ice.

So while I'm worried an ice focus might backfire (don't spoil it for me, I'll be sad if there is a lot of cold resist monsters in this though.)

The things I'm thinking and wanting input on:
1. Stay straight Oracle of the Waves

2. Sorcerer: This really appeals to me. Originally was going to go sorcerer but wanted to do some healing. The big issue is what bloodline makes the best sense? I narrowed it down to these

2a. Boreal: Cold Steel right off the bat sounds awesome. Frost-rimmed spirits add to the haunted curse.

2b. Elemental Water: Like the elemental ray, and cold versions of spells.

2c. Stormborn: Departs from the ice idea, but makes sense for versatility. Thunderstaff is nice. Thunderbolt latter is cool

2d. Marid: Again some nice stuff. Just doesn't come off as fluffy as the others.

3. Bard: Focuses more with pirate theme, looking at Buccaneer (since she is CG) and Sea Singer (makes themactic sense at least.)

4. So...happy go lucky personality, her favorite things = Heal and protect friends (with ice if applicable), and turning bad guys into popsciles.

The DM will let me tweak a few small things. Stats are set in stone. Fencer can be changed to something else (haven't downloaded the S&S player's guide yet, so if there is a trait there, I can use those too, I can't find AP specific traits on the pathfinder d20srd)

Alright me focus on something that fits?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

First off : that will be one wet cat... no idea how the charcter will like being repeatedly immersed.

Ice should not be too much of a problem for the first few levels. I am not sure if the "Ray of Frost" trait is there for style

I would not... multiclass. The oracle is pretty slow out of the blocks, and as the main healer, doubly so. You will have to become 4th level to even cast cure moderate wounds
And do definitely not multiclass into sorcerer, since this AP is set in the tropics and on water, and hence light armours will prevail, and damage will occur. Frequently. Especially with a 3-melee troupe + alchemist, who will usually be close up to the opposition, too.

Multiclass to Bard will add little, unfortunately, except abunch of class-skills and extra skill points. if you want that, do it after 6th level6. So keep with #1

I would also bear in mind that AP is set on ships, and hence some degree of shipboard skills (as recommended in the PG) is strongly advised. Profession: Sailor, Climb, Perception. Pirates are predators and should skill for it. Though being good a diplomacy is nice^^

I would replace Fence with something from the PG, yes. Illizmagorti Native might not be bad, since you seem to like Sense Motive

You also seem to be short one first level spell, since I assume you will get the cure spells for free (2 at first level + cure or inflict ), as per p.43.

Yeah the joke about cats and 'wet cats' has been made already. She likes water just fine though. New meaning to sea tiger.

Ray of Frost is there for style and theme.

Thanks for pointing that out about the spell. Thinking Shield of Faith.

Switched out Fencer for Ilizmagorti Native.

Dark Archive

I played a boreal sorcerer in jade regent and loved it. I multiclassed one level of magus to be able to wear light armor, but regretted it a later levels. While profession sailor will be useful, remember that the pc's have been press ganged. It's possible that they've never set foot on a boat before.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Terrivar wrote:
I played a boreal sorcerer in jade regent and loved it. I multiclassed one level of magus to be able to wear light armor, but regretted it a later levels. While profession sailor will be useful, remember that the pc's have been press ganged. It's possible that they've never set foot on a boat before.

On one hand, the crew will look for competent souls to press gang (and not your average drunkard, totally sodden ), and things will... be easier for the characters. Feasibility against make-believe.

And with a catfolk hearkening from Ilizmagorti, someone will have sailed to Port Peril beforehand.

Shield of Faith : Probably one of the failsafe choices

Good luck with the character and eight more of the proverbial nine lives^^

Thanks for the help vikingson.

And one can learn proffession sailor at level 2.Trust me, you had a LOT of practise. As a GM I would make it mandatory to have it in S&S at level 2, only a player mainly in the sweatbox could get around that. Master Scourge will gladly help you work on your proffession sailor skills.

Yeah our dwarf is making a habit of visiting there. That and punching out Fibbs Chumlette...twice...

Just an update. She lost her leg to a shark on the very first boarding encounter. (Again I don't have the books or look for them when I'm IN a campaign so I don't know if they were supposed to be there.)

Story so far:
So yeah, she fell in the water, shark hit her. Fighter with Javelin rolls a one trying to hit the shark, house rule is potential hit on teammate when shooting into melee and rolling one...rolled to hit me, crited, and nearly died, party alchemist saved her but she was death. Reason I'm using spoiler though is a bit back the Alchemist was snooping and found a peg leg in a part of the ship, and it functions as a ring of spell storing. He carried it like a trophy, but now...well Zizi has new magic leg. So is DM feeling sorry for the loss of leg & near team kill, or was that actually IN book to find?

As far as my original want of multiclassing into Sorceror I found a good way to 'fake' it by picking up the Eldritch Heritage feats. (Going Stormborn.)

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