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Flip Mats to get

GM Discussion


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I'm starting to DM for my local PFS group and was wondering which mats might help me out.. right now I'm looking at starting with the Intro series..then moving into the Shipyard Rats.


In general,

waterfront tavern is a a good one as it's in a ton o scenarios
city streets
city market

Dark Archive *****

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Class Deck, Maps, Modules Subscriber

prison and monastery are also good not to have to draw.

if you're going to run intro 2 a lot, haunted dungeon!


I got Blank..

And I am waiting on the local store to stock up 'Boat' but I was curious about the others.


Sczarni **** Venture-Lieutenant, Connecticut—Manchester aka Cpt_kirstov

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see This list

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

Earl Gendron wrote:
see This list

Thank you for that !

Grand Lodge **** Regional Venture-Coordinator, South aka Thorkull

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Joe Caubo maintains a Google Docs spreadsheet of scenarios and associated Map Packs and Flip-Maps. I just checked, and it's up to date through 4-01.

Sovereign Court **

Id recommend getting the blank ones at first cause with some pens , they can be used for practicably any encounter.

For Shipyard Rats, the Waterfront tavern would be helpful, if u were just going to buy any more beyond the blank ones.

Dark Archive ****

I started with any I could find that were blank on 1 side and had something on the other side they are pretty much usable for any encounter (my prefered ones are city streets, has a grey blank side perfect for sewer encounters, or even other city ones, and some foresty one)

The Exchange ****

While I love the Flip Mats (and own over a dozen now), I started with a paper tablet I got from Office Max years ago. It's really for business meetings, for presentations and such, normally seen pinned to a wall or on a stand. Sheets have a 1" grid (graph paper) and are something like 30" x 36"... as big as a Flip Mat.

This way I only need to draw a map once. then pull the page from the pad, and roll it and store it till I need it next time. As it is paper, I can draw in as much detail as I want... or as little.

Grand Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes aka TwilightKnight

As a completionist collector, all of the FlipMaps & MapPacks are necessary :-).

Seriously, the first one you should own is the blank one. That way you can draw whatever image you need for any encounter. After that, and this is just from a PFS perspective, buy them as you need them for scenarios you are running. There is no reason to buy the Waterfront Tavern or the Theater just because they are used so often. Stick to what you "need" as opposed to what you "want" and you'll be fine. You may also want to temper your decision based on the complexity of the map. A simple forest or desert scene is fairly easy to represent drawn by hand, while a complicated marketplace might be better suited for a printed version. YMMV

**** Venture-Agent, Illinois—Grayslake

I have just started out running some scenarios of late as well. This conversation has been really helpful. Also, thanks for the spreadsheet. That will come in handy for deciding what to purchase.

Now if I only had more money.


There's a number of flip-maps that are getting low on stock.

If you're looking for long term needs (as opposed to needs for the next few scenarios), I'd look into getting these flip-maps before they're gone.
- Swamp
- Waterfront tavern
- Forest
- City Streets
- Village Square


Jason S wrote:

There's a number of flip-maps that are getting low on stock.

If you're looking for long term needs (as opposed to needs for the next few scenarios), I'd look into getting these flip-maps before they're gone.
- Swamp
- Waterfront tavern
- Forest
- City Streets
- Village Square

I might order a few of those but I try to get Minis and Mats from my local store. I do my hardcover stuff through subscription so I figure that the rest should be at my FLGS like Hammer Hall

Shadow Lodge ****

I read through Crypt of the Everflame, and liked it so much I really wanted to pick up the Dungeon flip mat. None of my FLGS had it, and it's out of stock (print?) in the Paizo store. I didn't want to have to print and laminate the PDF, so I had to go with Amazon. Yes, I felt dirty. :(

Grand Lodge *****

Bob Jonquet wrote:
Seriously, the first one you should own is the blank one.

Sorry to disagree with you, but unles you need 2 blank map sides for some reason, then you could make do with buying the Theater map instead. The back side of it is blank, and if you can get past the fact that your forest/mountain scene has a hardwood floor, then you can do with that just fine.

Personally, I look for the more complicated ones to buy. As Bob said, you can draw a forest scene easily enough on a blank map, but if there is a ton of rooms or buildings, you might be better off with buying one. Theater and City Streets are two I definitely suggest, along with Waterfront Tavern and City Market.

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