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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

1 - 3 level adventures / modulars for extending the Beginners Box

Beginner Box

Grand Lodge

I am GM-ing the BB for 3 brand new players and the BB Bash are about to be completed so does anyone have suggestions on were to go from here.

Party is smallish and I do not want to overwhelm the new players with too many rules.

I don't have a problem scaling adventures to fit but do not have a lot of time to do so.

So if anyone can suggest adventures that could work please let me know and thank you very much in advance.


Liberty's Edge

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Try the Curse of the twin fang module. Very nice and designed for the BB. You print it from home. It includes full monster stats, maps, player quest handouts, encounter maps, and mini's. Well worth it. It also is new GM friendly with tips inside!

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Basic Paths adventures

Enjoy :)

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Modules Subscriber

Edit : I meant Fangs from the past lol. I have both 0one modules and mixed the titles together. Both are great though and offer 1-5 players more BB goodness! Sorry for the initial confusion :)

If the 3 PCs are 2nd level, they could take on Crypt of the Everflame ok. It's a mite tough at 1st level.

Grand Lodge

Been working on several different things to do with my newbies and all of the advice I have recieved here has been great to say the least.
Thank you to all who have adressed the question I asked.

In the future I will be sure to let all know how things happen.

After running my kid and his friends through the Black Fang dungeon that came with the BB, I ran them through Hollow's Last Hope, which is available as a free pdf here at paizo. Good mix of tromping through the forest and exploring a crumbling, accursed dwarven monastery. It was pretty easy to convert on the fly.

If you want a slightly longer run, Hollow's flows right into the Kobold King modules, and we'll be diving into the first of those soon.

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