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Does anyone ever organize games on cruise ships? My wife and I are going on a cruise in September, and if I've got my iPad, I can run or play Pathfinder or Pathfinder Society.

I may take that week off from gaming, but if I'm jonesing for Pathfinder while we're on the ship, I may organize a game. What do you think the chances would be that I could get anyone to play?

LOL. My wife would be pissed. I know already what I'd say.

"Its my vacation to."

Brother, there is something to be said about upping with the missus and "getting away from it all." ... but unless your wife is as Excited about the prospect as you...

getting away from it all shouldn't necessarily include your spouse.

Moral platitudes aside, It's luck of the draw... but without planning ahead I think it would be almost impossible to ID all the gamers and Vet them for play in any real timeframe. Maybe you luck out and find a couple or couples that game, but you'd probably have to take serious steps to try and identify them. See if you can post to an activities board, and keep a D20 with you when you sit at a table or keep it loose in your hand or with your belongings wherever you settle. Most people won't notice it or mind it -- but the gamers who are jonesing like you are will see it -- and identify you. Chances are the people who might ask about it already know what it is.

(you might think that's a silly idea, but far more illicit subcultures have very successfully but discretely identified one another with similar signaling.)

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps, Tales Subscriber

*sigh* I dream of this. We have yet to make it happen, though. If you do, please be sure to post something about what worked and what didn't?

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