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True purpose and a admittance of failures.

Shadow Lodge

Shadow Lodge *****

I, Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom wish to remind my fellow compatriots of our role in the society. While I normally speak in boasts and grandure, I must be completely serious for a few minutes as I speak of our purpose.

It is not to undermine the Decemvirate, or complain of inequities. While many of these issues continue to plague us we have made great strides forward in these matters and it is time for us to shine as best we can.

Speak gloriously of our calling to all who can hear. Let everybody around you know that you will not allow a Pathfinder to suffer.


It is with great sadness that I must speak of my recent failures in this department. I let my drive for glory and fame blind me to the suffering of my companions.

First, when dealing with the Rats of Round Mountain I let my companion The Grey Reek step into a trap. As I held his lifeless body in my arms, mere seconds later, I unfurled a scroll and attempted to grasp hold if his soul and prevent it form leaving Golarion. Unfortunately my voice faltered and The Grey Reek was no more. I will carry this shame upon my soul until the say I am judged. For this was the first time I had let a Pathfinder die.

Secondly when the fate of the Society hang in the balance during the assault on the Grand Convocation. I saw my gnomish companion, a powerful sorcerer I had met only hours before, under assault by terrible foes. I chose to focus my efforts on destroying the infernal contraption that threatened the Society and merely watched as my companion fell to the darkness. I wanted the glory of saving the society and was worried about it's survival as a whole, but in doing so I lost track of what was most important and my companion paid the ultimate price. This is a second stain upon my soul.

I fear another may doom me to eternal damnation. So I will attempt to redeem myself by reminding us all to not let your fellow Pathfinders suffer.

Dedicate yourself to these tasks. Protect your companions with swords, spells, your own body if necessary. Show no mercy to those who threaten your allies and always give it your fullest. Hold nothing back.

Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom

Grand Lodge ****

Well spoken my friend. Have a pint on me.

Liberty's Edge **

Great Farak

Your concern about the welfare of your fellow Pathfinders impresses me. As I have expressed before, I find that few Pathfinders really understand the true value of life, rather they are eager to bring death.
Perhaps you have failed, as you say, and yet your admission of this failure shows to me the nobility of your spririt. Who amongst us has not seen a Pathfinder companion die? And who has truly done all that could be done to prevent that death?
Remember that all who adventure for Pathfinder glory put their lives in peril, and while watching a companion die is a horrible experience, there is not always something that you could have done to help. And to chastise yourself afterwards is perhaps unfair on yourself.
If my words are clumsy it is only that my Taldane is poor. I'm sure in Elvish my words would be clearer in their meaning.

In Brightness

White Tail of Mordant Spire

Grand Lodge **

Eh, we all have our shortcomings. The important part is that we learn. And we learn some harder than others... There's a reason I'm now known as "Nine-fingers" Marillis.

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