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New Business Opportunity?


The Exchange ***


While dealing with some rough characters of the Ulfen persuation, I may have stumbled into an untapped market. What I thought was just a handy ruse actually piqued considerable interest among the simple barbarian folks. Unfortunately, they all had to be dispatched before I could do even the most rudimentary market research, and my duties as a Pathfinder are too numerous at the moment to allow me to take advantage.

So to my more enterprising countrymen, I suggest that a guild be established for promoting the trade of the confections known as "lollipops." The cold weather of the Ulfen homelands would allow them to be easily preserved, and the high concentration of sugar is ideal for providing energy while raiding, pillaging, etc. Please consider it.

Sincerely, your partner,

The Exchange **

Careful Furan

I would suggest that the Ulfen people of the North are not as simple as you think, and as an outsider you might find your trading difficult. Most Ulfen will be more likely to trust other Ulfen.

Your "lollipops" will likely make you the friend of Ulfen children, but I doubt that many savage Ulfen barbarians will stoop to purchase such a thing. Sugar and sweet things are fine for a short burst of energy, but an Ulfen man needs meat for sustained energy and strength. Perhaps you should create "meatypops".

Anyway Furan, it is good to see that your Qadiran trade extends as far as the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. I take Qadiran coin now and have leant much of Qadiran ways in my times. In some ways coin is honest. It is simple payment for services. Something a "simple" Ulfen warrior can understand.

I have felt the warmth of Sarenrae and respect her ways, but I still remember the ways of Erastil also. Both have their place.

Be strong and trade well

Samur Scarring
Ulfen Warrior & Trade Prince of Qadira

The Exchange *

If we were to be exporting 'pops' of any kind, I fear we'd have goblins coming down on us right and left. We would definitely have to strengthen our caravan escorts.

The Exchange ****

You are correct Samur about the ferocity of the Ulfens, but not all are equal. There are those who need a little 'boost' to compete with the best.

I also love the idea of the goblins getting the wrong end of the lollipop stick and expecting them to go boom (is there another opportunity there?) So may I suggest we rename them, perhaps something like -

"Wolf's Bane", that is what you will be once you have consumed one of these!!

I believe you are right and a little more market research is needed, I will see if my friend Freya, an Ulfen priestess, will make enquiries next time she is home. I will get back to you with the results of her survey.

Halfling trader
May all your trades be profitable

The Exchange

I'm still wondering how in Golarian are we to get their Teas. I hear Ulfen tea is a wondrous delicacy to beholden.

Lantern Lodge *

Samur wrote:

Perhaps you should create "meatypops".

I believe I have encountered a similar confection in my travels. I believe it is called..."jerky".

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