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Abadius, 4714

Most Valued Associate,
Have you noticed our offices' recent renovations: the intricate rugs, delicate vases, and shining candelabras? I felt it appropriate to spend a fraction of our recent profits on enhancing our image to reflect the lucrative business deals that you have helped secure. Through some delicate handling, the dwarves and the Kalistocrats are both willing to do business with us, though I imagine it's only a matter of time before their rivalries flare up and force us to choose who our real friends are. Even then we shall enjoy the fruits of cooperation with the Rahadoumi, whose location offers us greater access to the west coasts of both Garund and Avistan.
Before we break open the Chelish wine, however, we must maintain our momentum; I can manage the consolidation of what we have already acquired if you can find and seal more contracts. Making our mark on the Katapeshi markets will have to wait until our network is particularly robust, so look elsewhere. I have made arrangements with the Pathfinder Society to send you to Eto, a thriving crossroads city in Osirion, to see what you can learn there. Should you meet a particularly capable powerbroker or merchant lord, see if you can bargain for a few trade secrets or news of any up-and-coming trading centers worth our attention. Of course, I expect you to follow through on that advice, so be prepared for extended travel.
Stay well while you are abroad. My colleague Guaril Karela has been looking particularly ill recently, and each month that passes seems to age him another year. I also hear that my mentor in Qadira is bedridden, and I shall travel to see him soon.

To a bright future,
Trade-Prince Aaqir al'Hakam

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign continues the Year of the Demon, its fifth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Trade-Prince al'Hakam in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help Qadira succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, ensure that you represent Qadira proudly in Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–12: Destiny of the Sands, Part 1: A Bitter Bargain, Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–18: The Stranger Within, and Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–21: The Merchant's Wake.

The Exchange

On my honor, oh magnificent Trade Prince, I will continue to endeavor and strive toward improving our trade relations with merchants and organizations from all reaches of this world.

-Trade Prince Aten Sadiki

The Exchange

As requested, Esteemed Trade Prince I have been.. ingratiating myself with those you wish shown how powerful coin can be. I sure think I have done a decent run of it too. I have managed to avoid going to that Worldwound, no oceans there and ne'er a ship to see either.

Garrick 'Treasure Chest' Jinx

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