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Hero Point Bookmarks

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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So I figured I needed a way for my players to Track Hero Points, because they were never using them, and after looking around for something online I figured I'd have to just makes some of my own.

Beer and Battle Hero Points

They are 6x2 inch bookmarks with all of the relevant info on them.

PC gets a point? Give them a bookmark. PC spends a point? They give the bookmark back!

What you think?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

I love it! Got a PDF file?

Neat idea! I'm with Thanis - can you share the file?

For our group's first few sessions using Hero Points, I'd printed and provided a summary of everything they could do with them. I then started each session reminding them they had them, which would make them want to re-read the info, getting them used to the options. After a few sessions, they started reminding each other in different situations, as an emergency arose. In our last session - for the first time - as they were getting ready for something really important, one of them pointed out that they could use a Hero Point to prepare to do better.

It was a great moment! :D


I used Print Runner to make them so I don't have a PDF atm. But I did shoot an email off to them asking for a Proof of the print job in PDF form, so we'll see what they send me.

Did you have to order a minimum of 250?

James0235 wrote:
Did you have to order a minimum of 250?

Ya, But I figured sharing with my various Pathfinder groups and my friends groups as well as handing out some as flyers for our podcast I could find a use for most of them.

This SHOULD work, I put them in my Dropbox Shared folder. Here's the PDF of the cards. Hope you guys like 'em!

Hero Point PDF

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