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Flying rules for the Beginner Box?

Beginner Box

Are there rules for dealing with flying enemies/players in the Beginner Box? If so, could someone tell me where to find them? I've been looking for a while. If not, how have some of you handled flying in your games? Thanks in advance for the help! :)

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

I noticed there are some creatures with a Fly speed listed in the stat block, and I found this line on the page of how to interpret stat blocks: "Fly means it can move through the air."


Really, I wouldn't worry about this much, it just means they can ignore diffictule terrain features and move over creater's spaces instead of having to go through them. Otherwise I didn't fidn any detailed treatment with a quick look.

In my game I just think of the battlegrid as in 3-d squares. If you type in "flying bases" in the search box here at Paizo, you will find a ton of props you can use to help simulate minis flying.

Also, detailed rules for flying can be found on the PFSRD.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! Haha, that line made me laugh. Yeah, I'm not gonna worry about it too much, but I may come up with some simple rules for it. Maybe I'll post them if I think they're good enough :P

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