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Infamy / Disrepute split or shared?

Skull & Shackles

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Are the Infamy and Disrepute scores from Skull and Shackles for the entire party? Or does each member get their own values?

The Bucconeer's Blood trait seems to indicate that only the player with the trait gets bonuses to these scores, but the Infamy/Disrepute rules continually refer to the entire party.

Which is it? How is it supposed to work?


I was a potential player until recently. If I pick up the book tomorrow I will look at the rules for it.

This would probably get answered more quickly in the AP area.

I've asked that it be moved. I forgot that there even was an AP area.

Shadow Lodge

Looking at it now and the AP says to treat it like fame and prestige for PFS. The way it is written it is calculated for the group and can be upped by PCs spreading tales in each port. There is a limit for each which is determined by the party level. Plus there is a limit for each port for each level of Infamy.


Geez...that sounds complicated.

So basically his trait helps everyone? I wonder what would have happened if everyone in the party took it.

Paizo Employee Senior Developer

The party shares Disrepute and Infamy. The Buccaneer's Blood trait therefore provides the bonus to the entire party - in effect, having someone with strong piratical family ties bumps up the Disrepute and Infamy of everyone.

"Wow, those guys have the son of Black Bart the Blood-Eagle with them! They must be bad-ass themselves if he's with them!"

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

You could also rule that trait bonuses don't stack. Thus only one of them counts towards the groups score.

Ironbar wrote:
You could also rule that trait bonuses don't stack. Thus only one of them counts towards the groups score.

Trait bonuses already don't stack. I can't recall if the Infamy score bonus is called out as a trait bonus though.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

What I should have said was since trait bonuses don't stack.


The bonus to infamy is a trait bonus.

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