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Need help with city maps

Jade Regent

Ok, call me what you will but I'm getting ready to start part 2 of Brinewall and I have been trying to find maps that fit the descriptions of Galduria & Roderic's cove, two of the cities on the way to Brinewall. I tried to draw them out but I seem to have lost the ability to spend hours drawing maps by hand (curses to real world intruding on my game). Then I thought I would just rip off some of the city maps from my old favorite AD&D 2nd edition setting

Forgotten Realms
, but I think all the populations are blotted. I was going to use Scornubel for Galduria but looking at all my old stuff Scornubel's population is listed @ 12,500 where as Galduria's population according to the wiki is only 1, I could use some help.

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