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What's your favorite Beginner Box Bash Demo?

Beginner Box

I'm going to start a Pathfinder club at a local middle-school, which I've discussed elsewhere in this forum. But I'm asking this question in its own thread because I thought others might have the same question.

Could someone who has played the Beginner Box Bash Demos, or has seen them played, say which one was their favorite and why?

I want to use a Bash Demo because I want the kids to get a quick sense of the game first before deciding what PC class they'll use for the campaign. (By the way, we're going to start with Crypt of the Everflame and then Crown of the Kobold King, and I'm going to use EdoWar's excellent conversions of the BB classes.)

I don't want to use the adventure included with the BB because it's longer than what I'm looking for -- we only have so much time after school and we're going to "reboot" the game after all. Also, I want to save the BB adventure for one of the kids to run themselves because it's such an excellent intro to GMing.

Thanks in advance!

I've played (GM) Relics and Tomes, and am currently playing Terrors (all Play-by-Forum). Tough question, not knowing how old your kids are and how many PC's you'll have running through.

I'd go with Tomes. Just a single monster (mimic) who can really mess with those level 1 PC's, while the non-combat stuff is fairly straight forward and easy on the players.

I will say, I feel it is the most poorly written and organized of the four bashes.

Which one are you talking about the end: Relics and Tomes, or Terrors?

Thanks for the reply.

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