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My Perspective on the Paladin's Code

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Wildonion wrote:
By all that is good and holy, I hate this thread. It makes me want to play a Paladin so badly, just so that I could try my best to hold to the ideals listed above. It sounds like one heck of a fun challenge and would make for some good roleplaying. My only real issue is the "no ambushing" thing, because I believe that is a valid strategy. Which is all the more reason I should try and eschew it and stick to the code. *chuckles*

A paladin stands at the end of a hallway looking at the group of Orcs guarding the pie.

"You have an opportunity to throw down your weapon and survive. You can flee this dungeon with your life if you promise me you'll tell others of the mercy you were shown at my hands.
Or you can draw the wrath of the Silver Lantern Adventuring Company. You will be killed and I will shed no tears for the unrepentant. The choice is yours."

Orcs look at each other, look at the lone paladin and attack.
The other PCs hidden behind the walls drop tanglefoot bags, spells and arrows into the orcs. The paladin shakes his head.
"I have told a lie, I shall shed a tear for you, because no creature deserves the afterlife you'll receive for your sins."

A perfectly legitimate paladin ambush. The paladin can't hide, but he can certainly be the distraction or the bait.

I laughed when I read this the first time. You hit the exactly right spot with how that paladin acted. I cannot believe I did not reply at the time.


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