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Do Luck and Natural Armor Bonuses stack in Pathfinder?

Rules Questions

Grand Lodge

Do luck bonuses stack with other luck bonuses, and do natural armor bonuses stack with other natural armor bonuses in Pathfinder?

Grand Lodge

With each other? Yep

Don't forget that you keep your luck bonus on Touch AC and Flat-footed AC.

Lex Starwalker wrote:
I know they stacked in 3.5. Do they still stack in Pathfinder?

If you mean they stacked with each other, then yes they do- bonuses of different types always stack.

If you mean they stack with themselves, then no, Luck bonuses and Natural Armor bonuses have NEVER stacked with themselves. Natural Armor bonuses often seemed like they stacked (like if you have Natural Armor from your race and you put on an Amulet of Natural Armor), but that's because Amulets of Natural Armor and Barkskin spells provide an Enhancement bonus to your Natural Armor, not an actual Natural Armor bonus. (It was not that way in 3e, meaning that Amulets of Natural Armor were useless for anyone who already had Natural Armor.)

Grand Lodge

Yes, I mean do luck bonuses stack with luck bonuses, and do natural armor bonuses stuck with natural armor bonuses in Pathfinder.

Then no. Only Dodge bonuses stack with itself.

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Untyped, dodge, racial, and (if they're from different sources) circumstance bonuses all stack with themselves. That's pretty much it for self-stacking, barring specific text for a particular effect overriding this behavior.

Grand Lodge

Awesome, thanks!

Note that there are specific abilities that increase existing natural armor bonus: Dragon Disciple specifically grants increases to natural armor (I always ruled that the sorcerer's draconic bloodline natural armor bonus is also increase but I cannot guarantee that to be RAI, RAW does not seem to support that). Most templates also increase natural armor instead of granting fixed bonus.

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