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I must be dense...

Customer Service

I can't find the option to chose the method of combining shipping (hold for AP, one monthly package, send immediately, etc) Where did it go?

Paizo Employee Sales Associate

Due to the fact that all Paizo products that are being released in a given month will always be released on the same day*, there is no longer any difference between "hold for AP, one monthly package, etc". Everything comes out at the same time and is combined anyway.

As this was a meaningless choice, the option has been removed.


The exception to this is the Pathfinder Battles subscription. People who are subscribed to the Battles, as well as one or more other subscriptions, still have the option to choose whether to hold for one monthly package, or ship immediately. This is due to the fact that the Pathfinder Battles miniatures are not a Paizo product, but rather a WizKids product, and therefore we do not have control over when they are being released. This means that they may be released at a different time in the month as Paizo products and so subscribers need to choose between getting them immediately, or having them be held to be combined and possibly save on shipping. For an even longer, and more thorough, explanation of this, see this thread.

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