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Appropriate mystery for an oracle of shizuru

Jade Regent

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

It seems likely that my group will be playing Jade Regent in a few months, and if it comes down to drawing straws over who has to be the healer (yes that's our attitude towards it), I was thinking of being Ameiko's younger sister, an oracle of Shizuru. Neither the Primer nor Gazetteer suggest mysteries for the asian deities. Flame, Heavens and Ancestor all seem potentially appropriate (Sarenrae, also a sun goddess, has flame, ancestor is part of the portfolio, and heavens...well, the sun is in them, right?). With luck I'll even be able to beg teh DM to allow me to take EWP katana at first level (favored weapon of the deity after all) even though it requires bab+1.

Ancestor would work I think

I'd recommend Ancestor, Battle, or Flame.

Liberty's Edge

Oracles aren't 'of' a deity in the way a Cleric is. They may worship a particular God (and be devout, or even a priest of that deity), but they do so the way, say, a Bard would i.e. it's not the source of their powers. Their powers come from elsewhere.

The deity associations are suggestions of deities commonly associated with the Mystery. No more and no less.

So while, as others note, Ancestors, Battle, or Heavens all seem appropriate for Shizuru, you could as easily grab Lore, Time, or Dark Tapestry (to pick three at random) and still worship her. In fact, you could be a worshipper of any God with any Mystery (though Bones/Pharasma or something like that might be problematic).

Also, the Ash and Heroism subdomains might also fit the deity. Maybe the honor subdomain as well? All three of those are from the Advanced Player's Guide.

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