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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Long-term epic story Pathfinder Game via Fantasy Grounds and TeamSpeak


Hi everyone,

I am 41 and a father with 3 kids. I used to DM in highschool and college. Played during law school (but did not DM). Had kids and missed gaming for 10 years (although I did play WoW, EQ LOTRO, and SWG). I'm back to paper and pen via virtual tables (as it is impossible to find a local group and my wife would throw a fit that I was out of the house, again) -- and looking for similarly type players.

I am working on the following type of campaign using the Pathfinder ruleset.

--Weekly games (Friday night 9pm to midnight EST)
--Ideal party size 4-6
--Looking for one-year committment.
--Set in PathFinder's Inner Sea Campaign Setting
--Will include parts of existing Pathfinder adventure paths (such as kingmaker) and original content
--Fantasty Ground 2 (I have the ultimate license so you dont need to but it) and Teamspeak (audio-only)
--Epic story taking characters from level 1 to 20 over 52 gaming sessions.
--20 point build, racial traits ok, any race fine, any skill fine, any class fine-- anything 3.5 or PF ok.
--No magic items to start with as you build character.
--Any standard equipment can be added for free at level 1.
--Characters start with 150 gold.
--Characters that plan on going prestige classes fine--- no limits on the PF and 3.5 specializations and prestige classes
--No evil characters. Chaotic good and neutral ok. but neutral good and above prefered. Players are supposed to be the heroes
--Characters will come from humble beginnings, initially clearing small dungeons as lowly adventurers. Over time bigger and more complex stories and plots involving factions and kingdoms are introduced. Characters will continue to do dungeons but with goals and objectives tying into broader plots. Ultimately, the PCs will be involved in saving the world from impending doom.
--Adventures will be dungeons, towns, caves, tombs, outdoors, wilderness, castles, forts, ocean and underwater (not likely to have planes).
--Magic and magic items are rare and awe-inspiring.
--Fantasy story telling and plot will be similar to Terry Goodkind writings in The Sword of Truth Series.
--Enemies will not always be monsters, and monsters will not always be enemies.
--Emphasis on roleplaying and story telling
--Dialogue and problem solving heavily rewarded.
--Oh, there will be combat!
--Mature players sought--ideal those who like to roleplay via teamspeak (audio-only). We do want players that are respectful to give everyone a turn to speak.
--While the campaign is serious in nature, humor plays a part and intelligent humor desired and welcomed (like the PAX 2011 Celebrity games on youtube).
--I would prefer that players use Herolab to create and update their characters.

If you have an interest in this type of campaign, please let me know or visit the recruiting link .


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