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Paying early for a digital copy, but maintaining combined shipping

Customer Service

Liberty's Edge

I have my subscriptions set up to ship together rather than as a product becomes available, and I know that your policy is to charge for an item when it ships.

However, while I'd like to maintain my all-together shipping preference, Id like to read the epub versions of Pathfinder Tales (like Death's Heretic) as soon as the product is available.

Is it possible you guys could charge me for the novels as they're available so I can download the epub file but still wait and ship the physical product per my shipping prefs?

Paizo Employee Sales Associate

Unfortunately, no. We only grant access to the digital files at the time the product ships.


Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Note that we always ship each month's Paizo releases at the same time these days, so your novels won't actually be delayed because we're waiting for an AP volume to arrive. Currently, the only subscription that can actually be delayed because of the "ship together" setting is Pathfinder Battles minis (because WizKids sets the release date on those, not Paizo).

Liberty's Edge

Thanks, guys.

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