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So after a fellow poster mentioned Frog God Games Black Monastery, I've learned to my shock and horror that there are some 3PP products that exist in print that I haven't bought yet. This... needs to be corrected. So, I figured I'd ask you great bunch of guys to tell us what's out there in print, so I can go snap some more of it up. Stuff doesn't have to be for sale just at Paizo either... I'm willing to go elsewhere to spend my gold if I have to! So let's hear it! Even if I have already tossed them some cash, maybe it'll inspire someone else to add it to their shelves.

Maybe you should list what you do have...?

0one Games on Lulu

The Exchange Kobold Press

Open Design adventures, sourcebooks, and magazines in print is a decent-sized list, all available at Paizo.

NeoExodus: A House Divided Campaign Setting is avialble for print directly from Paizo. Expect to see many, many more products also in print from LPJ Design.

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I stopped in at my local gaming store yesterday and while they <now> carry a crap ton of Pathfinder stuff and <now> say it's their top selling rpg product, there wasn't one 3pp product on the shelf to be found :(

Rite Publishing's Print List at Paizo.com

Our Print offerings via Drivethru Rpg

We offer our products via Cubicle Seven so you can ask you FLGS to order them.

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