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Hey guys-
What are the chances that you'll be issuing a intermediary-sized version of the ruleset?
I'd love something as small and manageable as Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition or the digest sized handbooks done for M&M and the late d20 Conan. The Beginner's Box has been great, but I'd like something to bridge the gap to the full game while providing handy reference. My players are casual, and the expense and clutter of copies of the Core Rulebook is a real factor (not to mention the intimidation of such a weighty tome).
What do you think?

Buy the PDF, put it on your smartphone....job done.

I would like to see something like this, or maybe something closer to a reference guide; something where rules are described in shorthand and page numbers are given for the source book. Could be very handy. Of course, it is unlikely that this would happen.

peterrco wrote:
Buy the PDF, put it on your smartphone....job done.

This comes across as very condescending. So what if I don't have a smartphone? Or I specifically want a physical copy? PDF/smartphone is a nice suggestion, but not an end-all answer.

firbolg wrote:

Hey guys-

What are the chances that you'll be issuing a intermediary-sized version of the ruleset?

Tricky Owlbear Publishing was planning on releasing a book called

The Tricky Owlbear Version 3.75 Player's Chapbook that was to combine the player's rules from the Core Book and the APG. But, it was delayed for some reason and they haven't mentioned it in quite some time.

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I'd buy it. I have one for 2E and it is great, and I wish I could find more. Awesome for deployment.

A pdf of the core rule books would be cumbersume to search. However if you have a smart phone there are a number of apps that have the PFSRD info and it is very handy and extremely portable.

Wasn't there a SORD Pathfinder edition that tried to squeeze all the necessary information from the core book into a compact form?

I think this is it:

+1 on this. Something either along the lines of the SWEX or the size of the Beta playtest softbacks.

If there was a softback, B&W player-focused book (basics, classes, equipment, combat, magic, spells, conditions) I'd buy a set for my table.

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Sadly, Paizo is bound to retain the art and fonts, so it is likely that such a thing is not going to happen.

With a little bit of blood, sweat and tears you can create your own "pocket edition" by printing select pages from the PDFs of the rulebooks (if you have them) along with some clever cutting & pasting from the SRD.

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When I say pocket edition, I'm specifically meaning a say 5x7ish hardcover book that fits in my pocket. I have some for old school D&D, and it is the greatest inovation to the hobby since dice.

Oh I know what you mean....I have a few "pocket" guides myself. (although most of my pockets are much smaller than 5x7.)

Content wise you could make your own..and most office supply stores carry 5x7 binders. But as far as finding pants with 5x7 pockets? You're on your!

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Any idea where to get more of those? :)

When are you going to have more of the Pocket edition stuff available, I want a core book but can't find one any place, not even from you guys, considering your the makers you should have plenty available....

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