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Wayfarer's Guild...Take a look, and thoughts?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

The Wayfarer's Guild is similar to the Pathfinders Society, but much more loosely organized, and where the Pathfinders spend most of their time finding hidden treasures the Wayfarer's are known more for going to dangerous locations and clearing the way for others to explore.

A saying of the Wayfarer’s: “We find the way so the pathfinder’s can travel the path.”

Wayfarers are not required to turn over any profits or treasure, unless the treasure is a specific part of the mission, to the greater organization or to keep a log. Only to give an honest account to The ROM or Romy (Regional Operations Manager) that issued the mission of all the areas cleared, deaths that occurred, and any issues with other members. Adventures will be given out either by direct contact, direct post or messages featuring the Wayfarers Guild symbol (a lit lantern) hung at local gathering places. In any of those situations Adventurers answering the post must report to an ROM and will be given reward info and possibly mission specific equipment (that will be returned at the end of the mission.) Non-Wayfarers or ex-Wayfarers can participate if they are needed for the mission. However, they will not receive any of the reward or mission specific items and Wayfarers get first dibs in the field.

Wayfarers like Pathfinders come from many walks of life, because of this there is one rule all Wayfarers observe:
“Get along, until the mission is done and everyone gets out alive.”

All should know that if they do not observe this rule on the mission they may receive the black mark which means they will no longer receive mission rewards or any mission specific equipment. If they wish they can remove the mark by participating in three adventures, and following the rule. Then they will be reinstated. They can also receive the black mark for violations against the organization as a whole. These disciplinary actions will be determined by the ROM in charge of the region or mission.

We hope all who read this to consider this as an invitation to become a member of the guild. Thank you

Signed Grand Master
Garnett Stoneshield, Bearer of the Lanterns Light,
"May your missions find you well, and your lantern be a light showing the way."

I use the idea of this group to mimic PFS. Think of it as Society Lite. The groups I DM for and use this style like it. It is almost like a one shot each time, and it doesn't matter who comes to the table. It is Garnett kind of oversees the organization and has allies and friend who he deems the ROMs they hand out missions to those who roster up then they go out and do them. This has worked really well for me, with groups who like to change up their character often, or have a hard time doing AP style play. so I thought I would throw it out there. Feel free to ask me about it. That will help me make it more in depth as well.


Moved thread.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I like it. I may borrow it for some of my house games.

Thank you, that is exactly my hope, and I want to help build the guild nation wide.

Grand Lodge

Just curious how they differ from the Aspis Consortium?

Michael Brock wrote:
Just curious how they differ from the Aspis Consortium?

Honestly, my understanding of the Aspis Consortium is limited. However, I would say that from what I understand is that they are evil. The Wayfarer's are not evil they are just a little rougher than the pathfinders. The Aspis Consortium is also enemies of the Pathfinders. The wayfarer's work in conjunction, and in parallel with the pathfinders. Think Pathfinders = ARMY Wayfarer's = Marines. They both have their own methodologies, but they are both good guys. The Aspis Consortium is primarily made up of Merchants and Mercenaries. In my Mind the Wayfarer's guild is made up of people from all walks of life that as they succeed on missions get recognized and climb the ladder of success within the organization. It takes time, but a higher leveled character can choose missions or can give them.

I should include some guidelines that I use when I intro this idea to a gaming group:
1. We are all good aligned PCs.
2. Everyone begins at third level, and every 2-3 mission you gain a new level.
3. ROM's start the mission with a particular idea in mind, and the team has to report back to them when it is finished.
4. there are 3 kinds of missions that the Wayfarer's usually attend to and rescue
b.clear the dungeon
C.find the item
or some combination of these three.

It is fast paced, and encounter heavy. Again I think a good comparison is Army = PFS, Marines = WFG & the Aspis would be the Nazi's or at least the Italians in WWII.

Perhaps a better comparison in my mind would be Pathfinders have a lore keeper. The WFG would have Quartermasters or Seargents. A character hook for the pfs would be Pathfinder x was lost go find him, and see what happened. A hook I recently used for WFG was "The pathfinder's found a hidden underwater temple, don't break stuff. However, kill all the monsters so they can go and read the books in peace." oh and if you happen to pick up some treasure and they fit you or find their way in your pocket report them back to me and we will see if the pfs want them or you can keep them yourself."

Notsonoble wrote:
I like it. I may borrow it for some of my house games.

I'm sorry, but I should have replied earlier...Awesome go for it. Make sure to read what else i added after michael brock asked me about their difference from the consortium.

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